The Year of the Underdog [Pt 1]

Roleplay Roleplay by TITUS TILON
On Wed, Sep13, 2017 1:23pm America/Phoenix
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The Year of the Underdog [Pt 1]
“I can’t believe it…”

The deep, vaguely familiar voice brings the scene to life. The red wrestling mask of WWX newcomer Luke Jairus is the first thing you see as the screen transitions from darkness. The masked man is wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans while sitting in a steel folding chair. An old, red brick wall is the backdrop of the scene as the newcomer stares into the cameras lens with excitement beaming from his eyes.


The words fly out of Luke’s mouth as the newcomer smiles from ear-to-ear.

LJ: “I am competing on one of the biggest shows of the year!”

The smile widens as Luke’s bright white smile contrasts against the color of his red mask.

LJ: “The beginning of my WWX career hasn’t gotten off as I had hoped. I catapulted to the top of the Television Championship rankings after winning a battle royal and have been on the wrong side of the outcome in two battles with the living legend, Hex Girl.”

The joy leaves Luke’s face as he mentions his failures.

LJ: “Yet, here I am, sitting in front of a camera crew with the opportunity to discuss my inclusion on the World Series card. My 30-day contract has turned into a 90-day contract. So, while I’ve stumbled out of the gate, I’ve done something to catch the eye of upper management.”

Luke folds his arms against his chest, his forearms exposed to the camera’s eye.

LJ: “I have the opportunity to earn another Television Championship match and even better…”

The smile reappears on the face of the masked newcomer.

LJ: “A shot at the Undisputed World Champion at Hall of Pain…”

Luke extends his arms and places them on the back of his head as he leans back.

LJ: “Can you imagine that? Your boy, Luke Jairus, main eventing Hall of Pain!? That’s f*cking huge! AH! SH*T!”

Luke covers his mouth with his right hand and shakes his head from left to right.

LJ: “My bad… The excitement got the best of me.”

Luke shrugs his shoulders while mouthing the word “sorry”.

LJ: “It’s not going to be an easy task to get out of the Television Championship ring. I’ll have to find a way to get past Hex Girl and we all know she’s had my number. There’s also Beatrice Pendragon, Johnny Needham, and Kailee who aren’t pushovers.”

Jairus pauses as he places his hands on his knees. He slowly leans towards the camera, appearing closer to the viewer.

LJ: “World Series is the one event where anything can happen. It’s been known to elevate wrestlers from obscurity to superstardom. It’s the event where people can change their luck and finally breakthrough the glass ceiling.”

Each word raises in volume as Luke begins to work himself up with excitement.

LJ: “World Series is an absolute grind, it’s a unique animal that gives the underdog a chance to succeed. The match is practically built for a guy like me. Someone who has never been given a f*cking chance to succeed.”

Luke turns to the left and mouths something off camera to somebody out of the cameras view.

LJ: “People will tell you I have no chance in hell at winning at World Series. Hell, Las Vegas has me at 1000-1 odds to just make it out of my ring. But does that bother me? Not at all. You can say I have the odds stacked against me but I don’t care. I am here to scratch and claw my way to the top. If I have to go through hell and back for an opportunity at main eventing Hall of Pain I’m going to do so.”

Luke stands up and the camera adjusts with him to keep his upper half in the shot.

LJ: “You can call this an underdog story but let’s make one thing clear, Luke Jairus is going to Dublin, Ireland with thing on his mind… WINNING WORLD SERIES!”

Jairus throws his right hand towards the camera, extending his index finger to point directly into the cameras lens.

LJ: “Let this be a warning to everyone competing at World Series. Luke Jairus has booked his ticket to Dublin and he is ready to go through anybody who gets in his way. Hex Girl, I will be ready for you. Kailee, Beatrice Pendragon, Johnny Needham… I will be ready for you. Korath, Krimzon Blaze, The Blade Club… hell, anybody who is booked… I AM GOING TO BE READY FOR YOU!”

Luke cocks his chin upward as he puffs his chest towards the camera.



Jairus smacks his right hand against his chest twice as he pumps himself up.



Jairus smacks himself in the chest two more times before letting out a thunderous roar.


The scene cuts to black as Jairus’ roar fades in the distance.

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