Then So Be It

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Sun, Apr15, 2018 10:17pm America/Phoenix
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Then So Be It
The scene begins in the Skybox at BC Arena. Rex McAllister is shown sitting in one of the seats up above, as a live House Show event is going on filled with plenty of action. The room is quiet, the lights slightly dimmed for the private suite that Rex rented out for the evening. Rex is sporting regular street clothes, complimented by his familiar black trenchcoat that covers his clothing underneath, and black tennis shoes. As he stares down, viewing the action in the ring to show two competitors that are unable to be made out from his viewpoint, he begins to speak. His tone calm, his expression rather stoic.

Rex McAllister: There are those kind of days. The ones where I question whether or not it's truly worth my time. The days that make me wonder why it is I continue to chip away at the makeshift of facsimiles who consistently manage to be nothing more than a thorn in my side.

Rex slowly turns to the camera, a slight grin forming, one of complete satisfaction.

And then you come along, and inspire me once more.

Rex pauses a moment, looks away to ponder, before he continues.

Rex McAllister: That familiar finger pointed in my direction gives me hope. It gives me a great sense of relief. I take solace in knowing that among all the ones just like you, Korath, who can firmly plant their feet and take responsibility for their own actions, willing to weather the storm head-on... There are still those just like you. The ones who fall from grace in spectacular fashion, slowly whittle away into obscurity, and I get to enjoy every waking moment of it as you so desperately attempt to cling to something, anything to save you. 


Rex McAllister: Just last summer, once upon a time, you climbed and conquered a mountain so-to-speak at the World Series, and these people that adore you, like leaches sucking every bit of passion you show for this...that night they showered you with unmistakable admiration...appreciation and support for a man that has long waited to get his one moment in the spotlight as the kingpin.

Rex rolls his eyes slightly, closes them, and then re-opens them and continues to speak. His tone remains calm.

Rex McAllister: Once upon a time, perhaps back in your earliest manifestations, there was no doubt where you stood. You were one of the well-known gatekeepers of those times...THE gatekeeper. You dominated those in front of you, and you thrived beyond all odds more often than not to a point where you reached your absolute peak when you were given the opportunity to stand inside of a man-made hell with The Rex Master.

Rex chuckles slightly at the thought, before a very brief pause and a stoic stare before continuing.

Rex McAllister: I don't need a thank you, never have. I don't expect any gratitude. Those like you, the ones who are so dependent on every bit of physical skill and ability that never fully measure up to the promises you make in the aftermath. None of you surprise me anymore, no matter what type you are. Each and every one of you remain as ignorant as you are insolent. It doesn't make you special, nor does it make you unpredictable. It makes those like you, Korath, nothing short of a prey caught in a snare. 

Rex rises from his seat to view the action going on. From his viewpoint one of the competitors is on the floor playing possum just beyond the corner of the ring post while the other has no idea of what's about to happen.

Rex McAllister: I lead you along the path that I want you to run until I feel like finishing you off. There's no genuine joy I get out of it, accept to see you perish, but make no mistake, it entertains me. It gives me pleasure now more than ever in knowing that there are those like you, still clinging to hope.

From Rex's viewpoint he can see the competitor that was playing possum was able to get one over on the unsuspecting one by nailing him below the collar to the admonishment of the referee before tossing him back in the ring. Some fans at ringside actually applaud this effort made by the suspected villain of the match.

Rex McAllister: You don't stop at a moments notice to realize how much of a hypocrite you and all of these leaches really are, passing blame for a moment to pick out my next victim, when just as much as I was. It was all those leaches that adore you, and admire your courage who want what I want.

The action is shown again, where the suspected hero in this fight is fighting valiantly through pain as he is down on all fours. 

Rex McAllister: They want to see it happen. They want to see human flesh being marred, mutilated, and charred to the bone...just like you. You're absolutely no different. Your fleeting moment in the sun will be simply that from now until this is over, that much I can assure you. 

Rex McAllister: At one point you were everything that you touted yourself to be, and all of these innocent bystanders turned into leaches, they have eaten it all up, because to them, then, you were something the world had never witnessed before. 

But now, you don't even stand out to me.

Rex just looks on, almost with a hint of disappointment as he does.

Rex McAllister: So many men, they've long risen pass anything you have yet to prove you can accomplish in all of your time here, even those in these times that have during a down period with a stagnant division have or at least entertained the notion of even becoming a world champion. 

But you didn't, not loud enough. Because you are not the first, nor the last to entertain such a thought.

Rex smirks.

Rex McAllister: Instead, you've stumbled off and on, Korath. Never consistent, never reliable. You've fallen behind, far behind the trajectory of what was expected of you. You left, this place went on without you, and others have done everything you've done since, and even in your return and more. 

Rex McAllister: You've now looked away, lost focus of all that just to stare daggers into me inside of an unforgiving structure that will leave you with nothing, just as I've wanted from the beginning. Your sense of invincibility will soon fade when you realize you've forgotten what a real war, real pain, feels like, when you're forced to lay your life on the line against a true force of nature that knows no limitations to what it can do.

Rex continues to look on down low, almost in a trance, but he's very much focused on what he wishes to convey to his opponent. 

Rex McAllister: You have a become a footnote on the history you hoped to leave your mark on upon, and when the smoke has cleared and you're left with nothing but the ashes of your previous success, all that's left is to point the finger at The Rex Master and blame him for it all. Blame him for the moment where the end truly began. 

The sound of a bell can be heard from below, as the view of the action can be seen at a lower level point of view. The villain has squandered his moment of triumph, if only for the mere sacrifice of adding another victory to his unknown resume. He's completely assaulting the hero with a lead pipe he had brought out from nowhere seemingly. He's beating him senselessly.

Rex McAllister: Your delusions have come to fruition before our very eyes as you no longer march toward me a man with his chest puffed out, but one desperate to find the key to the holy grail of all this. Soon though, I'll turn that march into a crawl. You will crawl on your hands and knees - bloodied and battered and half the competitor you are now.

The hero is shown one last time before the bloodthirsty rage filled eyes of the villain look down with no remorse, and one last time cleans the clock of the bloodied hero. The crowd jeers loudly in response. Rex looks into the camera to his right, his stare cold, but with a hint of a devious smile.

Rex McAllister: You'd better hope, because when you become desperate in that unkempt physical state, that's all you'll have left. There's not a championship waiting for you to cling to after this. There's no match or rivalry or moment you can take comfort in knowing you have experienced. This is it. This is all you have left after all the trials and tribulations. You believe this is where it will end?

It never ends.

See you soon.

Rex looks away from the camera finally and back down at the action where EMTs are shown tending to the scene, where the unconscious competitor lays getting ready to stretchered out. Then finally to Rex who is shown from below this time looking on, and then the camera pans in closer. A grin, one of complete satisfaction as the scene slowly begins to fade.


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