There's Just One Problem

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Wed, Jun28, 2017 11:11pm America/Phoenix
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There's Just One Problem
The scene begins at the world renowned Muhammed Ali Center as WWX has found time to set up shop for what they're expecting to be a busy hectic weekend as World Series gets closer and closer. Standing in front of the official World Series logo, we have Rex McAllister looking more dapper than he usually does. Dressed in a nice suit, sunglasses sitting out of his breast pocket. Rex looks relatively calm as he stands there, his eyes staring up and off-screen momentarily before he looks at the camera and lets out a little smile. 

Rex McAllister: So here I am, Louisville, Kentucky. A place synonymous with all sorts of great figures, names...paragons of true greatness! 

Rex clears his throat and looks down at the bottom of the screen, pointing as a post edit graphic pops up revealing a number five. The names of his opposition filter around next to the number two to give off that feeling of a randomized set up. Rex moves his head from side to side and does a faux dramatic drumroll noise as he kills some time, collecting his thoughts and then cracks a smirk.

Rex McAllister: The mark of the greats though, it's those paragons that know when to set aside important things in order to accomplish the vital ones. There are many things they choose to do that ultimately adds to their greatness even when it doesn't exactly suit their true aspirations.

Rex McAllister: To say myself and Tommy Lipton have been those paragons that have consistently set the standard here, setting that proverbial bar high enough that we are now seeing the same teams over again. That kind of goes without saying, because simply put it's proven to be as factual as the gold we wear. At this point each victory over the junior varsity level of sticks in the mud such as that of Pure Darkness, they all start to further acknowledge how high the bar has actually been set in this tag team division.

The graphic reads "Pure Darkness" with a big question marks next to it. Rex shrugs his shoulders, throwing in a scoff for good measure.

Rex McAllister: The competition, don't get me wrong, they're good. The competition is getting even better when you think about how Mayhem has been highlighting this division, either pairing new teams together or new teams coming in. They’re all good, but unfortunately they aren't great. Fighting spirits with great minds like the ones the Lipton - McAllister tandem possess, we've always encountered violent opposition the likes of Pure Darkness, men who will always throw out small petty threats and ultimatums that comes from nothing more than the pure ignorance based off of the small mediocre minds they have, and we've always conquered them whether it was individually or as a team. We are constantly challenging each other, and that's why we continue to raise the bar higher. This is a obstacle that we've scaled before mind you, one that was done so decisively there was really no doubt left in anyone's minds that we were on a whole different level from that of Pure Darkness. Now, you both got your licks in, but when the intensity got turned up you both had no answer in the end.

The graphic switches to number four and Rex just goes back to doing the drumroll noise. We've got pictures showing the different facial expressions - mad, enraged, surprised, disappointed - are shown of both Tom Black and Bishop Polaris after losing efforts, filtering through the scene as Rex just kills some more time. Finally he gets back to it, letting out a scoff as he moves onto the next set of randomized pictures. This time it show pictures of the many wars both Tommy and Rex have been through in their respective careers that led them to the pinnacle of greatness in the WWX.

Rex McAllister: You see, our crux is we've beaten many names before you, far better, far more distinguished, and we'll do it again. For you, being good? It's not proven to be good enough, now has it? Since our last encounter, like I predicted, you guys have fallen off a great deal. Your spirits still high, but your focus on a purpose lacking terribly in both influence and reverence has continued to bog you down, and hold you back. Now here you both are with little to no substance of any kind to show for, just desperate attempts at trying to get yourselves over, posturing when you barely have a leg to stand on.

Now we're getting highlights from the of the last encounter between The Lipton - McAllister vs. Pure Darkness with the last of highlights showing Rex applying the Rex lock on Tom Black making him pass out from the pain while Tommy Lipton holds off Bishop Polaris, and then finally the champions walking away successfully with their gold. The scene pans back to Rex, who shakes his head as he looks down in a but of disappointment, but just then he looks up to speak once more.

Rex McAllister: You two have no real conception of what great is, that’s why you are mere question marks as a team. However, you silly blowhards worry not, because categorically speaking being great, this is something Lipton - McAllister tandem scores the highest of high marks at, and we have no problem proving it once again at your expenses. Proving why the bar we've raised, it has been so far out of reach for you that you could fall a million times over and over again trying to reach it, and still never reach your goal. So many have tried to destroy us. So many, over and over, coming in periods of greatness. In those periods, none of them could break us. What happened when they tried to break us, is they ended up the broken ones when it was all said and done. At Mayhem, you will try to do the same, but you'll only find that it will all be for naught. All your troubles, they will be done in vain. The Lipton - McAllister tandem, we're the paragons in this period and time, and we won't be broken. I guarantee it. Now that was...Rexcellent!

A hint of a smile appears on his face before Rex walks off and the camera fades out on the banner for World Series


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