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(A screen overlay appears on screen, displaying an elaborately designed "Hype Train" overlay for what appears to be a Twitch livestream broadcast. A timer gradually counts down, accompanying a message that says "Boradcast Will Begin Soon." A counter in the bottom corner reveals there are already tens of thousands of viewers, and the count keeps creeping up. Music is playing in the background, and as the current song plays to it's climax, it fades over to "Hype" by Dizzee Rascal.)


(The viewers continue to build as the music plays and finally in the bottom portion of the screen Kurtis Ray appears, bobbing his head along to the music. After a moment the music dies down and Kurtis raises a hand in greeting.)

KURTIS: What's up, Universe? Welcome to the Hype Stream, Holiday Hell edition! As all of you know, in a few days I have a veritable mountain ahead of me in my quest to claim the WWX Championship. And if you've been paying attention, you'll know that since my abrupt return, I've repeatedly made it clear that my goal at present is to become the WWX Champion. At Holiday Hell, not only do I have Hell in a Cell to contend with, not only do I have the five-time WWX Champion to contend with, I have a WWX Legend in Darkness and the thirstiest Assassin I've encountered in a long time in Rayne. And I've never beaten Rayne or Darkness in singles competition. So like I said, veritable mountain.

(Kurtis chuckles, scratching at the back of his head and shifting slightly, producing a water bottle he opens and takes a drink from.)

KURTIS: So there's a lot of prosthelytizing going on about people's reason for going on or their motivation to be in this match. Darkness has been quiet so far, Rayne is talking about how Darkness is an obstacle he hasn't been able to overcome, and Syndicate as usual is talking about how things are unfair but he's going to walk out with the title anyway because he's Syndicate. Which has repeatedly been proven untrue, because in the past both myself and Darkness have walked away from a match with his title. But that's not what I decided to run this stream for tonight.

(Kurtis grins, typing something on his keyboard and the overlay changes over to a YouTube page. It has a video queued up purported to be from the Fukuoka Superdome on August 8, 2009. According to the title, it's a wrestling match between MINORU and KRay-Z for the Super Pro Championship.)

KURTIS: So if you're wondering, yeah. KRay-Z was one of the ring names I used in Japan. Back then I called myself the King of the Gaijin, and it was right after I ditched the Glorius Gaijin gimmick, which has since been used by other wrestlers to varying success. Anyway. This was All Japan Super Pro Wrestling, so it was the same promotion that gave me the gag title I'm so proud of. But this was the biggest night of my time with the company, about six months before I came back to America the first time. It's also a night that changed the way I worked a match forever. This should be the whole thing, so I'm gonna be quiet and watch.

(Kurtis maximizes the video, and his picture in the bottom corner shrinks down to cover as little of the video as possible.)

ANNOUNCER: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! I am Johnny Garrison, joined by Havoc Jr, and we are back for tonight's main event! Over the past few weeks, the self-proclaimed King of the Gaijin, KRay-Z, has repeatedly interjected himself in the business of the Super Pro World Champion, MINORU.

(SCARS by X-Japan starts to play and the crowd pops for the reigning Super Pro World Champion. They sing along with the music while a large, muscular Japanese man appears on the stage in a dark robe. He raises the belt above his head but is otherwise unmoved by the fans as he makes his way to ringside accompanied by several people. He reaches ringside and climbs into the ring before his robe is removed by one of his attendants, and the Champion poses again with the belt for a huge reaction.)

JOHNNY: The fans are way into the champion and it's hard not to be. Arguably MINORU is one of the best wrestlers in the world. 

HAVOC JR: And nobody is more surprised than me that he is putting up that title against the upstart, the rookie King of the Gaijin. But apparently after KRay-Z's shenanigans the past few weeks, MINORU insisted on this match and is so confident he can win that he's put up the world title.

(99 Problems by Jay-Z starts to play and the crowd starts to boo. After a moment, a younger, skinnier man who is still unmistakably Kurtis Ray emerges from the back. He looks out over the crowd, shaking his head and mouthing words as he makes his way down the ramp. Unlike the champion, he is only accompanied by a single person. The crowd reaction to the gaijin wrestler is strongly negative, but the cocky grin on Kurtis' face indicates he's not overly plussed.)

JOHNNY: These fans don't think KRay-Z has any business being in this match, and I'm inclined to agree.

(Kurtis rolls into the ring, sticking to his corner right away as MINORU shouts at him. Kurtis shakes his head. The referee takes the belt from the champion, holding it above his head, and gestures for the two wrestlers to shake hands. MINORU holds his hand out and Kurtis hesitates for a moment before finally shaking his hand and the bell rings before the match pauses.)

KURTIS: Side note: I was terrified. MINORU was one of the most physically intimidating people I had ever met. He only had about fifty ponds on me, but he was just such a dominating force in Super Pro that it was hard not to be shook by him.

(The match continues, and it's Kurtis that's the first man to make a move. He charges at MINORU, but the champion stops him cold with a hard knee into the abdomen, following it up with a gutwrench slam. MINORU goes for the pin, but Kurtis kicks out right away, rolling away from the champion when the pin is broken.)

HAVOC JR: KRay-Z had enough in the tank to kick out of the powerslam, but he wasn't expecting that.

JOHNNY: You're right, Havoc. The champion is going hard from the get go, and the challenger just can't match up with the pure, brutal physicality our champion is capable of.

(MINORU lifts Kurtis off the mat and places him on his feet before delivering a chop across the chest, followed by another one, and then a third. Kurtis ducks a fourth chop, trying to rally some defense against the larger champion, but again MINORU stops him cold, whipping the King of the Gaijin into the ropes and executing a brutal scoop suplex. MINORU goes for the pin again, but Kurtis kicks out again after a one count.)

HAVOC JR: KRay-Z is still in it.

JOHNNY: I'd bet it won't be for long. This main event is a joke.

(The crowd is firmly behind the champion as he hauls Kurtis back to his feet. MINORU grabs Kurtis and hauls the smaller man into a bear hug, He lifts Kurtis off the mat, shaking him and causing the smaller man to start to fade. The referee asks Kurtis if he wants to quit but the young gaijin refuses, driving elbows into the side of the champion's head. He starts to fade again, but when the referee checks, Kurtis shouts no and begins to drive elbows into the side of the champions head again. MINORU keeps the pressure up however, and Kurtis starts to fade again. The ref raises Kurtis's hand and it drops once. He raises it again and lets go but this time it doesn't drop, Kurtis starting to drive elbows into the side of the champion's head again.)

HAVOC JR: A valiant effort from the challenger, but it looks like it's only a matter of time before the champion puts this in the bag.

(Finally Kurtis manages to stagger MINORU, but when the champion lets him go Kurtis falls to his knees. He tries to get up again but his knees give out again.)

JOHNNY: Looks like MINORU managed to do some damage to KRay-Z. The challenger is still struggling after the bear hug.

(Kurtis finally manages to get his legs underneath him in time to duck a clothesline from MINORU, and he takes advantage of the Champion being off-balance with a jawbreaker, followed by a double-leg takedown, followed by a standing moonsault. Kurtis looks at the fallen champion then races to the corner, vaulting onto the top rope and leaping off, hitting the champion with a Corkscrew Moonsault.)

HAVOC JR: KRAY-Z KROSS! KRay-Z might have just won the World Championship!

(Kurtis goes for the pin, but MINORU kicks out with authority at a 2 count. Kurtis looks frustrated and argues with the referee about how the count was slow, but the referee argues back. Kurtis shakes his head, hauling MINORU back to his feet and whipping the champion into the ropes. Kurtis goes for a double-foot dropkick but MINORU grabs the ropes, stopping himself cold and leaving Kurtis to flop harmlessly to the mat. MINORU is quick to capitalize, hauling Kurtis to his feet and whipping him into the ropes and catching the challenger with a superkick. He hauls Kurtis back up to his feet again. He signals to the crowd, earing a surge of cheers as he lifts Kurtis onto his shoulders and follows up with a Burning Hammer!)

HAVOC: BURNING HAMMER! After that Irish Whip Superkick, that has to be it for the King of the Gaijin.

(MINORU goes for the pin.)


(Kurtis grabs the rope to break the count, and the referee stops the count. MINORU doesn't notice and rolls away from Kurtis, getting to his feet and raising his hands in victory. The referee shakes his head, telling the champion the match isn't over, and in the mean time, Kurtis uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. MINORU shakes his head then signals for the Burning Hammer again, moving to grab Kurtis, but Kurtis spits a mouthful of blood in the champion's face. MINORU staggers and Kurtis hurls him into the ropes. He pops the larger man up in the air, leaping up to lock his arms around the champion's waist and driving his knees into the champion's back.)

JOHNNY: What the hell was that?

HAVOC JR: That was a chance, Johnny!

(Kurtis goes for the pin.)


(The arena is completely silent as the bell rings, and Kurtis looks as shocked as anyone. The referee goes to retrieve the belt and hands it to Kurtis, raising his hand in victory. After an eternity the crowd starts to make noise, a bewildered mix of boos and cheers for the new champion as he falls to a seated position in the middle of the ring, staring at the belt. The video comes to an end, and the screen is resized to put more focus on Kurtis.)

KURTIS: That was the night I came up with the Death Ray. And it's changed a bit since then, I've put on a bit of mass and I've lost a couple steps in some eight years. But that was a revelation. After that I started to gain more traction. Eventually MINORU won the title back, and I went back to the United States, but nothing was quite the same after that match. I didn't call it the Death Ray back then, but I used it more and more often, and I won more and more matches.

(Kurtis shakes his head, leaning back in his seat and taking another drink from his water bottle.)

KURTIS: It's not often when you end up in the zone like that. There's a weird mix of desperation and innovation that creates magic. It's the same zone I ended up in when Syndicate wrenched my shoulder the other day and robbed me of the ability to use the Death Ray. And thus the Trainwreck was born. Yeah, that's official, by the way, and you can expect to see that one a little more often. Oh and Syndy, I know you're watching. How'd it feel getting your head taken off outta nowhere, huh? How'd it feel when I knocked you the hell out? You think I don't take this seriously? You think I discount you? You want to count yourself as being the perennial favorite, fine. The last time we entered Hell in a Cell, you're right. I went in with the title and you left with it. You beat me. But do you really want to lay all your eggs in that happening again? I am going into the match with an incredible amount of momentum. The last time we faced off one on one, let me remind you, I knocked you the hell out. The last time before that, if it hadn't been for Darkness getting involved, I would have walked away with your title. You're talking about underestimating people, buddy, and all you have ever done is underestimate Kurtis Ray. Holiday Hell s not going to be your night, Syndicate.

(Kurtis leans forward, typing something on his keyboard. The monitor now changes to show a background picture of Kurtis hitting the Trainwreck on Syndicate, and he looks satisfied.)

KURTIS: Now there's the matter of Rayne. Rayne, you're talking about how we don't know how much this means to you. Are yhou delusional, man? You think everybody in the back doesn't get what it means to want that world title? I have struggled to be where I am. I earned my way into this match. And you and me have a score to settle. The last time it was just you and me in the ring, you came out on top because I didn't take you seriously. Now I know you're a threat, and that is very, very bad for you. i don't like threats. I like to fight, and I am damn good at my job, as you have acknowledged. You're focused on Syndicate. You're focused on Darkness. And then there's Kurtis Ray. There's the Hype Train. There's the man who did, clean, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING did what you couldn't do when I beat Syndicate. You said yourself, you ALMOST beat him. ALMOST is not enough. If there's one thing I agree with Syndcicate about it's that you are in this match completely by luck. You didn't earn this opportunity. You're a good wrestler, you're thirstier than anyone I know, but you have no business in this ring. You may disagree, but it doesn't matter cause you're not the one walking with he strap.

(The computer screen changes back to the stream overlay, but now it has #futurechampion superimposed over the window showing Kurtis' face.)

KURTIS: Of course, now, there's the matter of Darkness. Darkness, who was a household name when I was still wrestling in bingo halls and armories and on public access television. Darkness who is a former multiple-time champion. Darkness who is a bonafide legend. Darkness, who I haven't beaten either. But there's a caveat there; when me and Darkness faced off for the Crusade Cup, it was Syndicate who cost me what should have been a win. It all comes back to Syndicate for all of us, doesn't it? But here's the thing, Darkness; It still pisses me off that I was robbed of my win. It pisses me off that I didn't win the Crusade Cup, and it pisses me off that I came up short against you. So I will be more than happy to step to you at hell in the cell, prove to you exactly why it is I belong in the main event with you and Syndicate, and I will beat your ass like every other WWX 'Legend' I've come up against. You'd best not underestimate me, sunshine, otherwise you might just learn what it feels like to get knocked the hell out by Kurtis Ray.

(Kurtis stretches and looks at his watch.)

KURTIS: As much as I'd like to hang out, I gotta go hit the gym before bed. Universe, it's been a blast. Syndicate, Rayne, Darkness, if you're watching, I got two words for you. All aboard.

(The screen flips over to a 'thanks for watching' screen and Hype fades in again. After a minute or so, the screen cuts to black.)

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