Thinking Things Out

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Dec29, 2017 10:18pm America/Phoenix
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Thinking Things Out
{Corpsi Christi, the camera comes to life on the side of a busy highway. Cars pass by at a good pace as a few inmates walk along the shoulder picking up trash. A white Corpsi Christi correctional facility van is parked a few hundred feet down the road. A couple guards walk along side of them making sure none of them get any crazy ideas in their heads. One of the inmates look familiar and it should as it turns out to be WWX superstar, Darkness. Darkness is out on this busy street picking up trash as part of his sentence for trespassing.}

Darkness: You know walking out here and picking up trash, I've had some time to think about what has happened over the past couple of months. September, I won the undisputed championship, beating Syndicate right there in the ring. Then comes October at Hall of Pain, the place where I lose the Undisputed championship while facing off against four other opponents. Now comes the new year, Holiday Hell, where I have the chance to win back my Undisputed championship. A chance that has been slimmed down by two of the opponents that Syndicate, Rex, and I will face on Ravage in a six man elimination tag match. A match everybody knows that could possibly not even get started let alone make it to the end.

{Darkness bends down and picks up few pieces of trash, placing them in a orange trash bag.}

Darkness: Rayne, how focus were you last week. That focus much have made you miss my match on Ravage where I defeated Tom Black right there in the middle of that ring in front of the El Paso crowd. I was there, Tom Black was there, thousands of fans were there, and my partners Rex, and Syndicate were there. You can ask them, the crowd, Tom Black, or you can watch the damn replay of the show and you will see that I didn't need no help to beat Tom Black. Is that the only thing you can say about me every week. You talk about Syndicate being boring and unoriginal but damn you're becoming worse than him. 

{Darkness fills up one trash bag, tying it off and throwing it on the ground to be picked up later.}

Darkness: I mean come on Rayne, practice what you preach. But I know what you are going to say Rayne and that is that Tom Black wasn't a caliber match. Maybe he wasn't and maybe he was, the fact is that I won without help. The fact is I'm able to win the big matches and you're not. I've been able to win the Undisputed championship, and the Crusade since my return and what have you done Rayne in your high profile matches. Lets see, you lost in a international title match, a Race for the Case match, and most recently a Undisputed championship match. When you win one of those Rayne, then and only then can you come talk to me about being washed up.

{Darkness grabs an empty trash bag out of the orange prison suit he was forced to wear.}

Darkness: Ravage, a six man tag match, five world champions and a wanna be world champion. All hell is going to break loose and not a damn thing Ranger is going to be able to do about it this time. Bring all the security you want Ranger. Lock me up again for all I care. What is another few hundred hours of picking up trash if I can beat the hell out of the numnuts that think they are going to win the Undisputed championship at Holiday Hell.  

{Darkness picks up a few more pieces of trash and puts it the trash bag. Just as Darkness is about to bend down to pick up an empty bottle an inmate attempts to wrestle a guard down to the ground. The guard is able to get a hand free and grab his tazer sending ten thousand volts though the inmate. The inmate flops around like a fish out of water.}

Darkness: What a dumb ass! Reminds me of three others, Tommy...

Guard: Everybody back in the van.

{Darkness drops the trash bag that was in his hand and heads back towards the van as the camera fades to black.}

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