This coming Ravage

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Tue, Dec05, 2017 7:36pm America/Phoenix
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This coming Ravage
(The scene opens to Mellon leaving a New York Rangers game in midtown Manhattan with his wife Samantha and kids. Mellon is wearing a New York Rangers jersey and baseball cap while drinking a soft drink and chatting up with his family. As Mellon is heading downstairs towards the subway he notices that the WWX has a full crew at the game waiting to speak with him. Unbeknownst to him, he has been stalked out by the media after having a touch of two weeks off. The reigning International Champion is then accosted by the WWX reporter and camera crew. He sends his family towards the subway turnstiles as he looks both annoyed and frustrated with the occurrence.)

Reporter: Bob, if we could just get a word on this week's match with Krimzon! 

Mellon: Yeah, I saw the booking. I also saw that he won that match this past weekend against Tom Black. So it looks like we are looking at some triple threat garbage for Holiday Hell. Isn't that cute? 

Reporter: What do you think of the outcome?

Mellon: I think Tom Black is in over his head. I think Krimzon is a flashy name with no talent. I'm honestly at a loss as to why you are bothering me with this nonsense. I'm with my family... (He is interrupted by the reporter)

Reporter: Is this a title shot this weekend?

Mellon: Of course it is. I have made it very clear to the front office that you can book me with anybody and I have no problem putting this title on the line. I see it like this. I have no friends in this company. I have nobody backing me. I destroyed and put Hex Girl in the hospital. I humiliated Tom Black in that tag match two weeks ago. I walked out here and stole the title from that loser of champion Jester. Throw what you want my way. I'm not afraid and I'm not afraid to do it alone. Also, just consider this... Krimzon wins this weekend by some long shot... I'm still in the title match at Holiday Hell. You can't take that away from me at this point. Now, boys, I'm on my way... (Interrupted again) 

Reporter: But some believe that Tom Black threw the match on Ravage to increase his odds of winning the title!

Mellon: Tom Black is a simple man. I highly doubt he could develop an idea as sophisticated as that. I look at Tom Black and I see a car with no engine. Sure, it looks good. It might be comfortable to sit in. I mean, you could probably even love it. However, it is not going anywhere. Listen to me when I say this. Tom Black is a nobody. Krimzon is the definition of all the potential you can have and no idea how to achieve it. These guys are not even in my league. Stop bothering me before I get pissed...

Reporter: One more thing, Bob... Do you regret this person you've become?

Mellon: The fans are Dr. Frankenstein. I'm their monster. They created this monster you pile of garbage.. (Mellon grabs the reporter by the shirt) You don't know what it was like night after night while they rooted for Hex Girl and Jester. When they turned their back on me, as I laid in that ring motionless. Don't you talk to me about regrets? If anyone has regrets it's every one of those pea-brained morons in every arena across the country. And much like I've made Jester disappear, and Hex Girl disappear, I'll do the same with these two knuckleheads. Now I swear to god, if you ask me one more question, no if you make a damn sound, I will break that fragile little neck of yours, do you understand?!?!

Reporter: (Nods nervously)

Mellon: Good (Mellon turns to the camera) Krimzon, just show up this weekend. Show up with your little buddy Fozzy Bear. Don't pass go. Don't collect two hundred dollars. Just be ready to be taught a valuable lesson about the Beast. A preview of Holiday Hell. When you mess with the best, you die like the rest... (pushed cameraman down)

(Mellon catches back up with his family as he heads through the turnstiles and off to the A train heading back towards downtown Brooklyn. The reporter only mildly shaken up is satisfied with the information they got.)

Samantha: What was that about?

Mellon: This weekend. Another title match. This time against Krimzon. 

Samantha: The guy we saw beat Tom?

Mellon: Yeah, should be a fun one this weekend. 

(End scene)

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