This is our purpose

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Wed, Sep20, 2017 6:07pm America/Phoenix
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This is our purpose
Time:  Unknown

*Scene opens in a forested area in Northern Ireland during a heavy thunder storm. The sky and surrounding area are dark enough that we can barely see into the distance. The camera can barely make out what appears to be a human figure in the distance, a flash of lightning reveals that it is Korath, drenched from the downpour, his long hair tied back to keep his vision clear. From the silhouette he leaves in the darkness you can see he is going through a Sambo routine, practicing various strikes and grapples with an invisible opponent. While he continues his workout a voiceover starts.

VO "To fight, to entertain, this is our purpose. To train, to show no mercy, this is our purpose. To defeat all who stand against us, THIS…is our purpose. Brothers and sisters of the WWX, in just a few short days we stand in five separate rings and we battle to become the next Undisputed champion. Many of us entering are deserving of the title, while there are those who have no place in this hallowed arena, I am speaking to each and every one of you who do not have the stones to even promote yourselves, you know who you are and your names are not worth my breath. To the rest of you, you have my respect."

The voiceover stops as Korath finishes his routine, pausing only long enough to wrap something around his arms. Another flash of lightning reveals this to be heavy chains, and as the camera refocuses from the flash we can see the silhouette of Korath swinging his arms, the low whooshing of the chains audible over the rainstorm. As he continues, the voiceover starts again.

VO "There are many who are competing that in one way or another have become legends in this company, like Tommy Lipton and Krimson Blaze, Beatrice Pendragon and the she-devil of North Carolina, the Wiccan Wonder Hex Girl. Others are favorites in there own right, Rex McAllister, Willie Steen, Jake Devine. All names I am familiar with, and all names I have faced at least once. All of you I respect, and all of you I look forward to facing in the final ring. slåss och träffa mig i finalen. Det här är din avsikt."

Again the voiceover stops, this time Korath brings his arms overhead, wrapping the heavy chains around the limbs of a tree and then unraveling them from his arms. He looks to the sky with an open mouth, letting the rain quench his thirst before going against another shadow opponent with what appears to be glima. While he works through this routine the voiceover returns.

VO "Now back to my opponents in the International ring, I have spoken of you each many times, and many times I have been disappointed or shown reason to enjoy the coming battle. Bob Mellon, prepare to face a true beast. Blayde Archer, you have proven to be nothing but a naaʼ;ahóóhai, my fist will not be stained by your blood. Fill, Jester, my friends my word still stands, however I will not actively come hunting you just to win the prize. If either of you get bored of whoever you face, feel free to come and face me. I guarantee you won't be diappointed. 

"Soon we return to the field of battle, soon we fight and reach for gold and glory, soon we show the world, why we are the best time and time again. Remember brothers and sisters…"

The cameras light activates and we see Korath finish his routine. He reaches back and unties his long red hair, shaking it loose and turning his fierce gaze to the camera as he approaches. He stops a few feet from the camera and throwing back his arms his mighty voice cuts through the storm.


As soon as the last syllable leaves his lips, a bolt of lightning strikes the tree he left the chains hanging in. as the flash fades the screen is black with the Nordic Nightmare logo in the negative.

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