This Is The End - Part 3

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Wed, May30, 2018 7:48am America/Phoenix
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This Is The End - Part 3
The scene opens to a highway, the I-76 that leads west going toward Chicago. It's night time, about nine o'clock, so all the night lights are on at this time. There are many cars on the highway. The camera shows the inside of the car where everything is rather dark. From the back seat both front seats are occupied. In the passenger seat was Constance Blevins, who looks over briefly to the driver's side where Rex McAllister stares straight ahead, they had decided to drive instead of taking to the air, for the privacy. As Rex focuses straight ahead on the road, his mind is also thinking of things, everything. Everything that has led him to where he's at today. From his early battles with men that he's long outlasted, outclassed, and surpassed in terms of legacies. The names, they were simply that to him, nothing more nothing less. What importance did they have? Former veterans, world champions, some legends of yesteryear. They were all conquered when he was a mere rookie, a fledgling with a pedigree that hadn't been seen since in ages, not since the likes of Tommy Lipton and David Gideon Smith broke in and made it big on the biggest stage known in all of professional wrestling. He thought about the fresh faced rookie he was holding up the World Wrestling Championship before everyone and his numerous defenses against everyone they put in front of him.

Rex continues to drive, continues to focus straight ahead. Constance looks on to make sure he's not needing a break from driving. They'd only been on the road for about a few hours now, a few hours out of a twelve hour drive to reach Chicago.

He thought about his fall from grace, when David Gideon Smith tried to end his career inside the inaugural Inferno Asylum Match back at Hall of Pain fifteen. How he'd been helpless for weeks during recovery to get back to active ring participation, having watched as the landscape was changing during his brief absence. Watching as names like Kurtis Ray, Phelen Kell, and Jake Devine amongst a few others as well that were thrust into the role of being the cannon fodder to promote a weak product that didn't strengthen any more or less during Syndicate's third, fourth, or fifth reigns as a World Champion. 

He had decided that it was much more important to stand in the background for a while, survey the landscape as things moved forward so that he could properly learn who was who to a greater extent, becoming more educated on the different layers of each member of the active roster, to include his own partner at the time, Tommy Lipton. The Lipton/McAllister Tandem, arguably the greatest duo to ever be paired together for two of the best tag team reigns in the company's history. They'd kept the division alive, helped it thrive through their very influence and passion for the sport. They'd become a legendary team that couldn't be stopped. 

But to Rex, deep down, it was just a means to an end.

It was the opportunity that he needed to further evolve, and leapfrog everyone straight back into the World Title picture without having to be opposed by the many obstacles that others had. 

He sacrificed his bond built with Lipton. When he did this, it turned the fans against him. It was the best of five series where he really started to understand how far and just how much he was willing to do to win the World Title and take his spot back at the top.

As he continues to focus while driving, he then starts thinking about those that he felt had betrayed him. How Tommy had conspired with James Ranger and the Board, making it possible for Tommy to claim another World Title, and leaving him with nothing. His anger had grown, his desires were constantly being denied because the system was trying to place shackles on him. But this only made him want to cause more pain, more chaos. It made him want to be the sole cause for all their demises, their worst pain. He never wanted them to forget.

The camera shows a slight grin come over Rex.

Believe it or not, he was enjoying every bit of this now. The animalistic lust for blood that was in the air. The great odds that they would truly rip each other apart in a match that's not bound by disqualifications, countouts, or stoppages. There had to be a winner. 

It was a beautiful song they were playing, them and him, and he couldn't be any more elated to finish this war for all generations to come to witness.

The drive had been a calm one, which perfectly reflected his true feelings inside at this very moment. The hours on top of hours of training he put this week, he knew it was what he had needed. Having Constance by his side every step of the way was a constant reminder of what he hadn't lost, and that she may be sole reason he succeeds and finally takes his spot back at the top of the company. She had been there for him during good times and the bad, just as he had been for her. Her positive influence was growing on him. That much was made clear after she still decided to stay by his side after he left New Jersey, left his mentor on bad terms. Even at the cemetery, the bond was clear. Her loyalty to him had been proved every which way in his mind after that.

She truly cared for him. She was his rock. She was the reason he wished to go into Hell In A Cell, and much to everyone's displeasure, take away what they cherish most. 

For Korath, his will to feel physically superior, to show him he was just a man with nothing more than a self-deluded theory of what it meant to be powerful. For Syndicate, his will to win. To strip him of his pride, his vanity, and his championship, and truly show him up close that he was always an imperfect animal that lacked bloodlust. That he will be killed when he discovers that everything he tries isn't enough to kill anyone, not even himself. He will discover that no shift in personality or attitude would be enough to stop Rex from snuffing out all those flames in Syndicate's eyes.

Oh, yes, he thought. They were indeed playing a nice beautiful song, him and them. In fact, nothing was going to please him more than playing the final notes with their final breaths.

Rex's grin widened as he continued to drive, now on an access road of the highway, he could barely tell anything else was happening. It's almost as if he's alone at the moment, focused, but also deep within his thoughts now. Rex was bringing the car to a stop as they were nearing a gas station. 

Constance looks to Rex, who makes eye contact back. 

Constance: I'll be back. Do you want anything?

Rex simply shakes his head 'no'. Constance acknowledges with a nod.

Constance: Okay, it'll be a few minutes. I'll grabs us a few things, and then we can be on our way. 

Rex McAllister: I'll be here.

Constance: Okay.

Constance shuts the door. Rex watches as she runs toward the front doors of the gas station convenient store. Then he stares straight ahead. He was ready to speak, being that he had more than enough time to think about what his opponents for Bloodshed had to say with regards to the upcoming match they were to partake in. He continues to stare straight ahead, but speaks loud enough to be heard by the nearby camera that was viewing things from the back seat area.

Rex McAllister: I can feel them, both of them. I can see them as they are closing in. Both of them just salivating at the mouth, almost stalking me, the prey. That deep-seeded hatred for me and everything I now represent festers like an infected wound within them, and all they think about is how they will have taken me down in this fictional future of theirs. They wrap themselves in a blanket of their own individual talent and accolades so that they can sleep just a little more peacefully at night. They donít think too much for too long about what it takes to get what they want, they just know they want it. Theyíre addicts looking for a fix - strung out on glory and absolute dominance.

Theyíre lurking in the shadows, biding their time and hoping thereís such a thing as karma to drop me to my knees and punish me. Theyíre the couple of the many that grew up believing the World is filled with good guys and bad guys - and that if they worked all their lives towards being a determined, moral individual, then good things would come to them. They would slay the dragons and they would triumph just so long as their hearts were pure in some form or another in doing so. 

Rex pauses, he chuckles at the thought.

Rex McAllister: If it were merely about who wanted that piece of steak, as you put it, then why Korath haven't you gotten it yet? That piece of steak must not have been that tasty for a, as you referred to us all, feral dog such as yourself. Now after so many times of scavenging other parts of World for something similar to this tasty steak, and not being able to find anything else like it, you've decided to come for it and make it yours when you haven't even worked nearly as hard for it as you believe you have. You're just another animal fighting for control. Strip away the pageantry and grandeur of it, and that's all we are. But for you, Korath, you'll be pushed to your limits, and they'll be surpassed by me. 

You'll try. You'll try to go beyond the bounds of your morals and ideals, but you never will, not fully, because you aren't nearly as bloodthirsty and sadistic as you believe I am. You will be pushed, and you'll believe that when you have me down at my worst that you've reached my level, and you won't be able to finish me off. You won't be able to step on my throat and kill me for good. 

You have excuses, but me? I have a reason, plenty.

Rex McAllister: When you remove all the layers from someone like you, Korath, you see no feral dog. All you see is just a dog who was big and ferocious that's used to the other dogs making a clear path for him because of such, that is until another dog wounded him in ways never thought possible, leaving it's mark to be remembered for no matter where that wounded dog goes. Thereís a doubt within you, and Iím going to expose it to the World. Iím going to let it be the death of you tomorrow night, and Iím going to use it to strangle the life from you until the rest of these people know that thereís no one here nor anywhere else that can beat me. Take your place upon my mantle next to the rest of them and be grateful that youíre not nearly as important to me as the rest of them. They deserve to suffer, but you only deserve humiliation. You only deserve to be turned away and sent back to the place you belong where you reign over those inferior to you. Just know that when the smoke has cleared, youíll always be looking up at me. Youíll always be the one brought over from that gutter of a sanctuary full of the lot just like you. Live by your ways, and die by your ways, but you will do it all out of my sight.

Rex actually pulls a lever from the bottom left side of the seat and slightly reclines his seat back to where he is more relaxed now. He rests his palms over his stomach, one on top of the other, to get more relaxed. He looks through the front window and into the night sky. The camera of course views him from his right. 

Rex McAllister: Oh, Syndicate. You bore me so much itís astounding. Youíre a man thatís been the Worldís Champion six different times. Me? Why, Iíve only been a World Champion once. Tell me, Outlaw, does it help you sleep at night knowing youíve held a World Title on six different occasions, or does it keep you up knowing youíve lost a World Title on five different occasions? The battles youíve fought and won amount to absolutely nothing when you stand before a man youíve never beaten clean before. You look back at your long list of achievements and assure that voice of doubt that you are still every bit as good as youíve always been, and perhaps believe yourself to be better than ever even now, but that voice keeps talking, doesnít it? It doesnít quiet itself, no matter how stern you speak and no matter how much evidence you bring to the table. Once upon a time, you were the biggest, baddest man this company has to offer, Iím sure, but now you stand at my doorstep, and you knock. You knock loudly and you knock repeatedly, but you do not knock alone. Next to you is another man that wants not only the Title, but the flesh and the bone and the blood of the man behind it. It starts to feel like the room you and I once briefly shared has begun to shrink, now doesnít it? Knowing that at any moment when the bell has rung, a man could be hurt permanently in an instant, but at the same time, you know full well that you too will lose everything youíve worked towards in getting to this point all in the same manner if not worse. In fact, with your comfortable little bed of the past, the memories, does it feel like a thorn in your side when you remember that you once lost this very same World Championship to men who you felt never deserved to take it for themselves, those other five times? It ate a hole in you every time. All of your talent, all your endurance, everything you had and five other times just wasn't good enough to overcome another from taking that of which you cherish most of all in this business, and this time is supposed to be different? 

Rex continues looking upward as he pauses, looking stoically slowly shaking his head in disappointment.

Rex McAllister: We could sit back and rock ourselves back and forth, convincing that voice of doubt that we did everything we could and that it wasnít our fault, but we know. We know that even if itís not you or me, it may as well have been. Youíve experienced that moment of losing absolutely everything five other times, and you will do everything in your power to make sure you never experience it again, not this time you insist. What else are you supposed to say. Youíve got your back against a wall every bit as much as I do, but youíre the one with everything to lose. Endurance is what brought you to this dance, but it will not be the reason you keep the Championship, and I know how very badly now that you want to keep it. I know you want to keep it more than anything. More than anything youíve ever desired to keep. What's yours was once mine, and THAT'S....that's what will change when you awake from the pool of your own blood. That's when, on that night, you'll realize that I was your better.

Rex turns his head to the right and stares toward the camera, the darkness shows that stoic look once more as Rex simply blinks his eyes, nearly unemotional. He turns back to look out the window toward the store to see Constance in line inside the convenient store, waiting to be checked out. Then Rex looks straight up toward the stars once more.

Rex McAllister: So you can go right ahead. Rally one, a couple, a few...rally a dozen...rally a hundred...rally a thousand...a million...a billion. Gather everyone around the world. Rally them all. Bring them all together as one united front, not just Apter, Tennessee, but every living soul breathing. Have them chant from the bottom of their passionate little hearts to the top of their lungs, as loudly as they can. Have them chant for you. Have them chant your name. Have them chant their desire to see you succeed. Have them chant their wish to see me fail. Fire them up and march them on, flanking you as you make your way towards your next possible victory. An inevitable victory, right? Why not? They're YOUR people. You do what you wish with them. 

Rex grins

Rex McAllister: Use them as a ladder and climb your way higher and higher, closer to that glimmering hope youíve been so desperate to reach for far too long. The hope that you finally receive all that you feel entitled to, that irrefutable validation. Itís almost there! You can grab it! You KNOW you can! Listen them! Youíre not operating on your will anymore! You operate on theirs! You donít wrestle with your own confidence, your own abilities, or your own strategies anymore! YOU belong to THEM! Maybe youíll start to question yourself. Maybe youíll wonder why you feel so weary as you make your way closer and closer, towards what you desire more than anything in the World. That day will be as good as you are close in reaching out to taking it all, so close yet so far! 

I want that to be your last good day to be the day you fell at my feet, with all of those people watching you.

Rex pauses a moment to let his words sink in, as once again he turns toward the camera, again showing very little emotion as he stares a hole into it.

Rex McAllister: It's like you said, this is your last stand. I wonít lose. I wonít. Tell them so, shout it loudly, LOUDER! Rally everyone you can possibly get. Send an army. The only ones I have to kill on this battlefield is you and Korath. Thatís all. Thatís all that stands in my way. You two are the last rocks I have to kick out of my sight before I get to where I want to be. You think youíre gonna stop me? Theyíve all thought so. Maybe you should think differently. Maybe you should be the ones that got out while they still couldÖ But we all know thatís not going to happen. However, I also know what else is going to happen. Itís just a shame that neither of you do.

Rex notices Constance running back toward the car as he reclines the seat back up to normal upright position. He then looks back to the camera one last time, his grin unmistakable, that devious grin. 

Rex McAllister: See you soon.

The door opens, and Constance takes her seat and looks over to Rex whose eyes meet hers.

Constance: Sorry it took so long.

Rex McAllister: Quite alright.

Constance: Is everything okay?

Rex grins at her again and nods his head.

Rex McAllister: Everything's going to be.

Constance smiles back, then puts a friendly hand over his cheek as the scene slowly fades.


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