This One's for You, Bob

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On Mon, Sep18, 2017 5:11pm America/Phoenix
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This One's for You, Bob
     The camera flashes to life in the arid emptiness of a sun baked desert in an undisclosed location.  With the temperature reaching nearly 127° Fahrenheit and a stiflingly high humidity, it feels as if you can nearly grab a handful of the air as the cameraman struggles to fill his lungs with the thick oxygen.

     In the distance the camera catches the sight of a single figure.  As the camera focuses in on the man, he appears to be doing some type of workout.  However, as he notices the cameraman struggling to approach him, he abruptly stops his activity and precedes to take a seat in a black folding chair emblazoned with the WWX logo.  

     We can now see that the man is none other than WWX superstar Jester.  As he waits for the cameraman to reach him, Jester pulls a bottle of water from his bag sitting by the chair and deeply drinks in the cold liquid.  His grey tank top and workout shorts drenched through with sweat.  As the cameraman finally reaches Jester the HD camera clearly shows the beads of perspiration dripping from his head, although his breathing and heart rate are slow and steady.  He pulls a towel from his bag and wipes off his face before beginning to speak in a calm and easy tone.

Jester - “The time is nearly upon us.  A time when friends and foes alike battle for the right to be the number one contender for the WWX Undisputed Heavyweight Title.  Otherwise known as World Series.”

Jester smiles slightly.

Jester - “By the way, I had a bet with a few friends of mine over which WWX wrestler would be the first to beat the World Series metaphor to death by shooting their promo in an actual baseball park.  Congratulations Tommy.  At least you won something.”

Jester chuckles to himself and takes another swig of water before reaching back into his bag and producing another bottle of water that he offers to the cameraman, who quickly accepts the offer.

Jester - “You're probably wondering what I'm doing out in the scorching heat of the desert.  Now, I'm not going to tell anyone exactly how I'm preparing for World Series but I will give you a hint.  The two most important factors in an event like this is strategy and stamina.  Now I promise you, I have a rock solid strategy for this PPV and this desert is only a small part of my overall training regiment.  But I'm not going to divulge my plans or preparations to the public, so let's talk about what you all tuned in to hear me speak on… my opponents.”

Jester finishes off his water and tosses the empty bottle back in his bag.

Jester - “Now, I've watched every promo that's been made for World Series up to this point and almost all of them have been competitors talking about all the opponents their going to be facing in their ring.  So I'm going to do things a little differently.  I'm going to devote an individual promo to each of my opponents in the International ring.  So this one’s for you, Bob.”

Jester leans slightly forward in his chair, his expression growing stern.

Jester - “I'm not going to lie Bob, I don't know who the hell you are.  My research turned up very little information.  So here's what I know; you're 6’5” tall, you weigh 320 pounds if your profile is to be believed, you seem to have won some matches back before smartphones were invented, and you wear your hat backwards, because that's intimidating as f*ck!  You strike me as a man that's living in the past Bob.  You had a little success once and that makes you believe that you can compete in the present day WWX.  Well guess what Bob, times change!  Progress is ever moving forward and those that live in the past quickly become irrelevant.  And make no mistake about it Bob, you are irrelevant!  At World Series you are going to be stepping into the ring with four extremely talented and highly motivated wrestlers and one of us will make very short work of you.  Then you can go crawl back under whatever rock you slithered out of.  Thanks for playing Bob, but your time is nearly up.”

The camera quickly goes black. 

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