Three Years

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Tue, Jul25, 2017 7:33pm America/Phoenix
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Three Years
The camera is pitch black.

"Three years."

A voice can be heard, and a single spotlight lights up the middle of the room. A man wearing a black hood stands under it, all alone, with his back to the camera and his head lowered.

"It's been three years since I first stepped into a wrestling ring. For three years, I've battled numerous tough opponents. For three years, I've submitted myself to physical torture, all so I could, one day, accomplish my childhood dream. To become the WWX World Heavyweight champion. And, for the first time in three years, I will get that opportunity."

The man turns to face the camera. It's Jake Devine. He lifts his hood, readjusting his hair, and looks to the camera. He has a stern expression on his face. His usual smile is gone. Jake closes his eye and takes in a deep breath.

Jake: Ever since last year, I took on a grueling, intense training regime, so I could take my ability to the next level. I pushed my body to its absolute limit, even during times of injury, all so I could become the toughest fighter in that locker room. A wrestler worthy of being called the WWX Undisputed World champion. Bur that's not all there is to it. I wanted to turn into a wrestler capable of taking that man down. The man who threw my career into the lowest low.

Jake starts to walk across the dark room, his steps echoing. He mantains the stern expression on his face.

Jake: That man is the current WWX Undisputed champion. Syndicate. My former team mate at Big Time Agency. When Syndicate betrayed the Agency and destroyed it in the process, my career started to fall apart. I walked away as the Television champion, only to promptly lose it at my next match, because my morale was shit. That was, however, the turning point of my career.

Jake comes into a halt, and faces the camera again. He briefly smiles, before returning to a more serious look.

Jake: Syndicate, you are the reason I am standing here, as the number one contender. My training regime was fueled by rage. By a determination to, once I was ready, take you down. You almost destroyed my career. Almost. And that forced me to reinvent, to turn into the fighter I am today. I got here today, all thanks to you. My hatred for you was what made me improve myself.

Jake lets out a sigh and puts on his sunglasses with a smile.

Jake: So. Thank you, Syndicate. Without you, I would have never made it here. As a special retribution gift, I will make sure to put you through fire and flames once we meet at Fury Night of Champions. And the match James gave us is perfect for that. Three Stages of Hell. I will get to punish every part of your body with a weapon of my choice on the No DQ stage. I will get to hear you scream as I twist your limbs on the Submission match. And, if you even manage to take a victory, our final confrontation will be inside a cage. Nowhere to run, my friend. The price for your betrayal one year ago will be the WWX Undisputed World championship. Hope you enjoy it, my friend. Because I will.

Jake gives a devilish smile to the camera, turning his back and walking away from the spotlight and into the darkness. His steps echo as the camera fades to black

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