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On Mon, Sep18, 2017 9:32pm America/Phoenix
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*Static covers the screen before giving way to the image of the colorful 3Arena from the outside.  The top of the building is lit in various shades of red, green, and blue, matching the arena's logo which sits proudly illuminated on the roof of the structure.  The camera zooms out from the arena to reveal the silhouette of Syndicate, standing across the river looking at the site of World Series.  He is dressed in a black Adidas hoodie, white undershirt, Old Navy blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  Over his left shoulder is slung a gray unmarked backpack, from which a small glint of gold shines out of the largest pocket.*

Syndicate: Three.  That's the magic number, ladies and gentlemen.  Not 42, not 100, and not 69.  Three.  Three is all that matters.

*He glances back at the camera with a smile on his face.*

Syndicate: This is my third World Series event, and I've won the past two times.  We'll be at the 3Arena this Sunday here in Dublin.  And...most importantly, a count of three is all it takes to end a match, whether it's via pinfall or submission.  Three is all that matters.  You know what doesn't matter?  The fact that Darkness is still in the WWX.

*The champ chuckles.*

Syndicate: You know, Darkness, I took a bit of offense to that video you made last night.  Actually, that's underselling it - that hurt, man.  Saying you're better than me at this stage in your career?  Wow.  Passively mentioning that you are good friends with the devil himself, and that's somehow a GOOD thing?  You need some Jesus in your life, man.  And, to top it off, you say how "streaks are meant to be broken" and all that BS.  I can't believe it.  I really can't, Darkness.  Let's talk about something, buddy, just between you and me: I've seen this movie before.  Sure, it's been remade over and over again with different actors playing the main antagonist, but the main plot is that this guy, who has rightfully earned his spot at the top, is being challenged by a veteran for his title.  The veteran - the antagonist in this story - touts his prior experience in the ring as why he will win the match and the championship.  And every single time, the veteran loses.  He gets shafted, in fact.

Syndicate: Now, maybe you have seen any one of the iterations of that movie.  Maybe you haven't.  But you sure have heard of the actors.  Tommy Lipton, Krimzon Blaze, David Gideon Smith, Xander Adams, the list goes on and on.  They all lost in the end.  You're no exception, Darkness, no matter how much you try to convince me otherwise.  Remember my famous saying: "Nothing ever changes in the WWX."  The veterans will always try their hardest, they'll always come so close, but they'll always - ALWAYS - fail in the end.

*Syndicate sits down on the riverbed, looking out onto the River Liffey.*

Syndicate: You know, personally, I can't wait to drag you to hell with me this Sunday.  Sure, you may be buddy-buddy with Lucifer - and no, I have not met him, thank you for asking - but I'm pretty sure even he can judge who the better wrestler is between us two.  It's not a hard distinction to make.  The fact, Darkness, is this: like you said, I'm the best at this moment.  That much is undisputed.  Right now, I am the best wrestler on this damn planet.  If you think that's gonna change in six days, you've got another thing coming.  You have a better resume than me, Darkness, I will give you that.  But right now, on September 18, 2017, WHO is the Undisputed Champion of the World?  WHO is on one of the hottest streaks this company has ever seen?  WHO is at the top of the world, Darkness?  ME.  Sydney Maxwell |BLEEP|ING Irvine.  NOT YOU.  It will NEVER be YOU for the rest of your damn life.  I may not be champion forever - hell, I've got to die sometime - but right now, I'm ready to enter that arena, come face-to-face with you, and kick your ass all over Dublin.

Syndicate: I don't care what you've done.  I don't care that you won the Crusade Cup or any other bullshit like that.  I didn't need to win the Crusade Cup to get a title shot because I earned it on my own without any damn help like that.  You're a |BLEEP|ing joke of a man, Darkness, and while your prior achievements may be impressive, they mean nothing come Sunday.  Your previous championships won't save you.  Your feuds with legends won't save you.  Not when you're in front of 13,000 strong booing you with all their might.  Not when the World title is on the line.  And most certainly not when you're facing the best wrestler in the world today.  Remember, Darkness...all it takes is three.  And I am most certainly capable of keeping you down for that long.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate stands up and walks off-camera just as the shot is overtaken by static.*


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