Till Death Do Us Part

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Oct20, 2017 9:26pm America/Phoenix
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Till Death Do Us Part
"Till death do us part." whispers Darkness.

The camera comes to life inside Mt. Hope Cemetery located in Darkness' hometown of South Carolina. The cemetery is quiet as it is early morning. A slight fog covers the ground as we see Darkness standing in front of two nearby headstones. Darkness is dressed in normal clothes for a change.

"Syndicate, we all have experience death at some point in our life. Some have experienced it more than others. I am one of those few who death have visited on multiple occasion." Darkness says looking down at the headstones. "You see Syndicate you have lost only a friend, although he might have been special to you, I have lost both my parents."

Darkness stands there staring down at the headstones. The camera zooms in on the headstones to reveal the name.  

"Jack and Ashlie Taylor" expresses Darkness. "These two gave me life Syndicate. They gave purpose to my life. They are the backbone of me. They give me the drive to be the Undisputed Champion and that is what I am and will remain. We have a match a Hall of Pain but foremost we have the rubber match on Fury. A no disqualification match at that. A match where one of us my not walk out of. Hell, one of us may not make it to Hall of Pain."

Darkness begins to walk through the cemetery.

"You say I created you Syndicate. You say I made you the person you are today. Well that's bullshit Syndicate." exclaims Darkness. "Your own damn ego created you. Your ego that makes you think you have to be the champion at all times or heck even the one that makes you think you have to be the best all the time. Well Syndicate your ego is wrong. It is writing checks that your ass can't cash."

Darkness stops in front of a headstone.

"This is what create me Syndicate." says Darkness as he points towards the headstone. You see I was a normal man but the day that drunk driver hit her car... Darkness was born. I was a man on a mission. I wanted revenge in the worst way but you know what Syndicate? I never got it. I could never find the man. You can try for revenge but it will elude you to just like me and you can win every match you want but the one for the championship you will never win."

Darkness kneels down in front of the headstone.

"There is only one reason I can't get rid of you Syndicate and it has to do with our General Manager Bourne. Apparently he likes your whining. Yes, you know the whining you do to get into any match you want. But I guess there is only one way to get rid of you since you're so good at getting your way by whining and you have Bourne wrapped around your little finger and that well...

Darkness places a rose on the headstone.

"Until death do us part." expresses Darkness.

The camera fades to black as Darkness brushes a few leaves from the headstone.

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