Time Brings Everything Full Circle

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 9:16pm America/Phoenix
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Time Brings Everything Full Circle
The scene pans to the top of the four story house where the House of Horrors match will take place. It's dark, and with the exception of a single dim lighting on the outside, and the light from the full moon in the sky, it's almost too dark to get a good shot. Soon a single light from the camera is turned on to reveal Rex McAllister standing toward the edge of the rooftop. Rex appears to be wearing old tattered clothing, just right for the occasion. Rex appears to be deep in thought. His mind running amok. He has long awaited this moment, and to him it's as fitting as the gold that he wholehearted believes to rightfully be his. To Rex, this was also a fitting spot to shoot this last video, as it is the spot he intends to be by the end of the match. Rex takes a moment as he slowly paces back and forth as the camera follows him for a moment. Rex then stops, and soon turns his head ever so slightly toward the direction of the camera. He appears to have an indifferent expression on his face. He begins to speak. 

Rex McAllister: There's always a moment in time, where everything one has been through, every place they've come upon, every last thing they've done that ultimately signifies a moment they've been building toward. The moment itself is full of promise, one that was previously seen on the horizon from afar that would inevitably come to be. It becomes a moment when, after months of struggle, they finally stand atop their perch and raise their arms in victory, knowing full well the commitment it took to get there.

Rex pauses only momentarily, and then continues as he starts slowly pacing and staring off the roof and outward at the dark nothingness beyond the one dimmed light.

Rex McAllister: The past few weeks have been focused on letting go of past conquests, acknowledging feelings of discontent about this establishment, and living in the moment. It has all been a nice glorious journey nonetheless. Mine to be exact. Everything has come full circle. After this night, after The Rex Master takes to his throne once more at the top, this company will soon thereafter be back to prominence once again. 

Rex presents a slight halfhearted grin toward the camera, but just as quickly it's gone as he folds his arms to his chest and he continues.

Rex McAllister: Everyone else, they're but mere factors in it all, ones that are differentiated between being successes and failures during the big moments. Some of those factors, they dream, but they don't fully realize or understand the price that's paid for that dream to come true, so their dreams become nightmares. For the remaining factors, they've been there before, they realize what's at stake. They realize that every advantage they find they need to use it to the fullest. However, it guarantees nothing. In the end, factors are all that they happen to be. Only someone like Tommy should understand this, but even then only one can be left standing in the end, just one.

Rex nods at the thought. Rex then turns to the camera with a stoic look on his face now.

Rex McAllister: How does feel to be stripped of the conventional power that allowed you to squeak by at World Series, Darkness? How does it feel to know that you are in control of nothing? Do you really think more whining about mine and Tommy Lipton's entrance into this match changes your inevitable fate? On the outside it's all bluster and confidence, and it's commendable. You're about to be destroyed within this House of Horrors despite knowing full well of what it takes to win, and that is the reality, Darkness. Nobody wins them all, not even the ones with the highest of stakes in play. You don't like that myself and Tommy Lipton were able to find our way into this match. A match that you would've had far more assurance of winning were it not for the real stroke of power that we exhibited to make things impossible for you to come out on top. You don't care about the prestige of the tag team titles, not as myself and Tommy Lipton showed that we did, which makes it a mundane argument that has no real merit to it. Your moment already came full circle at World Series, and you know it. You know deep down that no matter how much brutality you tend to hand out, you will get the same in return if not worse. You won't be able to overcome these odds, and everything that you will do is going to end up being done in vain, bringing your moment to an unceremonious close.

Rex looks on, still with the stoic look on his face.

Rex McAllister: What are you getting so worked up over, short stack? You can sense it, can't you Syndicate? You can sense that the psychological edge is no longer in your favor. How...unfortunate.

Rex McAllister: And to think, at the beginning of the week you were so self-assured that everything that you lost was simply nothing more than an aberration, and that you would have it all back with no doubts about it. So certain you were that nobody was a threat to everything you cherish. But now? Now you can see the difference between what a fool you've been to finally saying something that has real meaning, that has nothing but truth attached with it. This is about survival, and not about whose this and that! Whose accomplished more. Then again, I've been saying that all week, and such a shame that it finally got drilled into your head enough for you to finally see that it really doesn't mean much of anything for yourself or anyone else. 

Rex McAllister: This week you started out way up here(he raises his arm up as far as he can). While I started out down here (he keeps his other arm leveled to indicate his own stance properly, before dropping his arms down), but slowly and surely you've come to realize that none of that really mattered in a match none of us have competed in where all bets are off. In that realization you went from being up here (raises his arm again to indicate and follow his description visually while his other is leveled again to indicate himself as followed), to being down here (lowers his arm that was extended upward now downward past his other arm that is leveled) in the grave that you have been digging for yourself all week.

A devious grin now appears on his face.

Rex McAllister: Don't feel too bad though, because even as I begin my new reign atop this company, I'll still need a good arch enemy to make it worth every bit of clawing and scratching that it took just the same as it was in earning the right to cash in this opportunity. It doesn't matter to me how you fall, just that you do. It's been fun, but I'm afraid this...this is my moment. As I've said, everything has come full circle for me, something that's been a year in the making. This was never about your redemption, it was about mine, and you and everyone else should be grateful that you were able to be apart of it!

Rex McAllister: This is my journey. This is my story, and unfortunately for all the rest of you, this is one that's no different from any other. You've all been playing your parts so well, but this is the ending for every last one of you, and it's time to write you OUT! Now that...was...REXCELLENT!!!

Rex looks up into the dark sky with a sly grin on his face, and the glow of the full moon shines from his eyes as the scene slowly begins to fade.


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