Time Dwindles Down

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Wed, Jan03, 2018 11:49pm America/Phoenix
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Time Dwindles Down
The scene begins in an old abandoned gymnasium in Sea Isle, the home town of Rex McAllister. It's night time; pretty quiet out. The camera pans outside the building to show the dinginess and worn out shape it's in. Windows are taped up, there is a bit of graffiti on the wall. Soon the camera pans in, showing the inside from a first-person P.O.V. The inside it's dark. A nearby stairwell is seen. Dust and cobwebs are quite visible from this P.O.V. too. There is no power at all in this gymnasium. The only light that seems to be shown are the night lights that shine through the available windows that aren't taped up. Soon the camera shows another P.O.V.. A man is in the shot, wearing long black trenchcoat, his bleach blonde hair stands out amongst other things. He can only be seen from behind at the moment. He appears to be looking upward at the wall. On the wall is an old painting. It's a painting that was done professionally. It's an image of two wrestlers in singlets grappling and a referee in the background. Soon the camera view changes to show the man from the front, which to nobody's surprise that man is Rex McAllister. Rex has been out and about for hours in his home town at only God knows what time, and for how long. He has been wanting to venture out this way for quite some time, it's where him and WWX became synonymous.

Rex McAllister: The beginning. The end. It's do...or die.

Rex looks into the camera flashing a devious grin. Rex begins to take small strides to his left, walking methodically, hands in pockets as he does. He's looking down, pondering. Then he looks straight ahead, but not at the camera.

Rex McAllister: This was the beginning, and it will end here too...someday. But time surely is winding down, but it's not for me.

Rex says very reassuringly.

Rex McAllister: You're still aloof, still walking around with thoughts of WWX Championship gold in your eyes, blinded by thoughts of grandeur. Rambling, saying things to those sheep that they already know. 

Rex chuckles at the thought.

Rex McAllister: You're not saying them because they aren't true, oh no. You're not saying them to impress your ever-loving faithful, because you've already given them a long career worth of moments to be more then elated by than impressed. They're already convinced no matter what you say, no matter what happens. Unfortunately it's none of that at all.

Rex stops grins, now producing a hint of a smile as he stares into the camera.

Rex McAllister: You say the the things you say, make the foolishly bold promises and prognostications of my fate that you do over and over because deep down you know you need to say those things to convince yourself that you will not fail this time around. How many guys can say they've destroyed and humiliated you in back to back weeks while completely out of their element?

Rex pauses, raises his eyebrows as if awaiting an answer. Then he nods his head and shrugs his shoulders, but doesn't say anything because he knows just as everyone else does that was a rather rhetorical question that answers itself.

Rex McAllister: How many guys can say they spotted a Legend a two-nil lead in a best of five series just to come back and knot the series and bring it to the deciding match?

Again, Rex knows the answer to this as does the world, another rhetorical question, both of which pretty much go hand in hand. He goes on.

Rex McAllister: How many guys in all of your time in wrestling can say they made you quit, made you TAP OUT!!???

Rex smiles, as he again mockingly pauses as if he's waiting for an answer. Then a sinister laugh.

Rex McAllister: You waste your words, Tommy. I stand here, just days away from finishing this series...finishing you, because you don't know how to finish me. 

Rex simply shakes his head.

Rex McAllister: You're this, I'm that. You want one more chance, you stand in my way! I will fall!

Rex grins as he looks up, rolls his eyes with amusement.

Rex McAllister: You can do better, or can you? 

Rex chuckles

Rex McAllister: Your pain, the suffering you will endure? It will eventually fill you up with several different emotions in the aftermath. It's not even a question. Everything scatters, you can't escape your fate. Through woe, merciless forces of destruction, ruin, and the body which is doomed to decay; the worst is death, and death will have it's day at Holiday Hell.

Rex continues on his path in the dark gymnasium

Rex McAllister: You waste your words, you waste your time when it's not on your side anymore. Stolen yesterday's. Tomorrows that drift away. No more dreams to dream because your nightmare became real, your dark lullaby. 

Rex continues walking slow and methodically looking devilishly into the camera as the light shining through the windows only lights up his right side while his left is in the shadows.

Rex McAllister: You are right about one thing though, Tommy? You are in my way, and that's about to change, I guarantee it.

Rex stops now, pausing for a moment before he finishes.

Rex McAllister: Now that...was...Rexcellent.

The shot starts to slowly fade with Rex still looking deeply into the camera.


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