Time flies...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Thu, Nov09, 2017 9:55pm America/Phoenix
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Time flies...
(The WWX logo flashes across the screen as we are brought to a house show in Rochester, NY, where Bob Mellon will be doing an interview for his upcoming match against Hex Girl at Ravage.)

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Bob the Beast Mellon!

(A chorus of boos reign over Mellon as he walks through the curtain. Mellon, wearing jeans, a WWX t-shirt and the International Championship around his waist struts confidently down to the ring. It is as if Mellon feeds off the hate of the crowd whenever he walks into these scenarios. No one had ever thought this man, beloved by millions, would be the man he is right now. Mellon walks up the steps and stops at the ring post and looks around with a smirk on his face. The crowd continues to jeer lividly. Mellon enters the ring, takes the mic from the ring announcer and waits as his theme music and the crowd dies down)

Bob Mellon: You know what I can't wait for, kiddies? Tom Black's big message on Ravage. I wonder what he is thinking will fly. Honestly, you idiots will believe anything these morons say. (Changes his voice to sound like a hick) "Hey kids, Tom Black is the Easter Bunny!'And just like that, all of you losers would buy it. You're all marks. You're all looking for anything to believe in. You didn't believe in me though and look who is laughing now. So let's speculate what Tom Black may have to say. You think he helped me out because he has a crush on me? Wants a date. Nah, though I have nothing against him if he does bat from that side of the plate. Could it be he needs some personal advice...? How to rid himself of some nasty rash on his no-no area?!? Doubtful... He's got a face even his mother couldn't love. Wait, I got it. I know what he's thinking about announcing... He's going to announce how he wishes he was more like his hero Bob Mellon. That's why he lent that helping hand. What a guy. You know what Tom, I'm going to send you a personally signed photo of me and this belt as a constant reminder of how super swell I think your admiration for me is. Let's all give Tom a nice cheer for being such a fan of the Beast. 

(The crowd boos defiantly as they grow tired of Mellon's antics and sarcasm)

Bob Mellon: Now what else was on my agenda... OH that's right, the bi**, I mean witch. No one knows where she is. I wonder if she is preparing her witches brew. Something sinister and diabolical. You know when a man as great as myself takes the time and energy to give you a history lesson the least you can do is give me some form of gratitude. I guess the saying is true... Women have a mind of their own. Shocking I know. You wouldn't think it but this one is a special one. Hex, from the bottom of my heart, you are quite the athlete (eye roll) NO NO NO... That was a joke, but in all honesty, we're all fed up with you. Your moment in the sun, with the TV title, was cute, and the company let you run with that for a while but now that's over. So done. So kaputt. I've been in your shoes though. You were on top. The "queen" because you can't be the king... Though she could pass for a man easily with those handsome looks.... Back to my point though. Now you've fallen off the pedestal. Climbing and crawling to get back up on top. Even I, offering you gold, decided to open this up as a title shot knowing full well you have no chance of pulling it off. You're done. Move on. Because unlike me, there's no coming back for you. I'm a former World Champion. I am the current International Champion. You couldn't fit in my boots if you tried and come Ravage you will have a mouth full of my boot by the end of the bout. Oh Hex, I mean no hard feelings. It's just, you're more B team... Maybe C team. Also, let's face it, no one is making you the poster child for a women's movement in wrestling. Am I right? 

(Another chorus of boos as Mellon looks for some acknowledgment from the crowd)

Bob Mellon: Despite assuming I continue to be surprised by all of you idiots and your failure to see that she is a dead woman walking. Let me paint the picture. She tries a few high flying moves that get her nowhere. She will make a costly error and then quickly I crush her like the piece of trash she is. Your speed, agility, and endurance are all wasted on the fact that I am 330 lbs of muscle, intelligence, and technical perfection. I helped build this federation for the next generation. Now I'm back to crush the mediocrity, like you hex, that has sprung up in my absence. Now, to all of you out there who cried and moaned about me winning the title, go blow it out your rear end. Go cry to mommy about how the old man snuck in and stole your title shot. The old man got bumped to the front of the line and got to experience what you thought you rightfully deserved. Let us make something very clear. You don't deserve crap and any of you out there, the complainers, who think they deserved this title over me, well come and get it. I'm standing right here. I'm waiting for you. I fought, battled, and conquered, getting to this spot showing up every week and doing my job. So the challenge is issued. I'm not turning down a single one of you. Start challenging me and you'll find out, just like Hex will at Ravage, when you mess with the best, you die like the rest....

(Mellon flicks the microphone onto the mat as Guerrilla Radio hits the PA system. Mellon leaves the ring heading back up the ramp as the screen fades black)

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