Time For Changes

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Mon, Mar12, 2018 7:36pm America/Phoenix
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Time For Changes
*The camera comes to life inside a Waffle House. The restaurant doesn't seem that busy as of now since only a few booths are taken up but it is almost noon and the restaurant gets busy during that time. The Waitresses hustle around trying to get things ready for the lunch crowd. They are cleaning tables, filling napkin holders, filling ketchup bottles, and the cook is making sure the grill is clean and ready to go. 

Sitting alone in a corner booth is a familiar face, known very well around these parts, is Darkness. He is dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a WWX t-shirt. Darkness looks over the menu as he waits for a waitress to come over. He flips through it a couple of times before sitting it down on the table.*

Darkness: Jarvis, let me explain what you misunderstood. First, it is only obvious that it should have been me and Kurtis that received the first round due to the fact that we are higher up in the rankings. But it doesn't matter, the only thing that does matter is the final result. A result that I'm not scared of Jarvis even if it means I don't advance past the first round. We all win some and we lose some. The last time I looked my career suggests that I have won more than I have lost and that is something you can bitch about next time if you want. 

*Darkness picks up the menu once again and turns to the third page. He sits it back down on the table and taps his finger on a particular item. AS if on cue a waitress walks up to the table.*

Waitress: Hi there Sweetie! What can I get you to drink?

Darkness: I'll just take a water to start off with. 

Waitress: No problem Sweetie. I'll be right back.

*The waitress walks off to retrieve the water and returns shortly with it. She sits it down on the table along with a straw.*

Waitress: You ready to order Sweetie?

Darkness: Just give me a few more minutes. The other half of my party hasn't arrived yet.

Waitress: That's fine Sweetie. Just give me a shout when you're ready to order.

*Darkness nods his head in agreement as the waitress turns and walks off to help at another table. Darkness rips off the paper from around the straw and slides it down into the glass. He picks the glass up and takes a couple sips of water before placing it back down on the table.*

Darkness: You know Kurtis, it has been a hectic couple of months. This person interfering, that person interfering, and then another person interferes that's not even signed by the WWX. Quite frankly, Kurtis, I'm a little sick of it. The whole heavyweight division was full of interference in some form or another. The shit is getting old and quick I might add. There is only one thing we can do about it.

*Darkness picks up his glass once more and takes another sip of water.*

Darkness: That one thing is we make peace Kurtis. So on Ravage, I accept your truce. For the first time in months, we will have a clean match on Ravage. That means no outside interference, no messing with the referee, no Syndicate, no Xavier, and most importantly no damn big ass rabbit. It will be just you and me, mono e mono, for the chance to advance to the semifinal round of the International championship tournament. The chance to go on and face, as he would like to call himself, the greatest general manager of all time... Tanno Waters. 

*Darkness waves the waitress back over to his table.*

Waitress: You ready to order now Sweetie?

Darkness: Might as well. Looks like the other party is running late or not going to make it at all.

Waitress: So what will it be?

*Darkness points down at the menu as he answers the waitress.*

Darkness: Just give me the Bacon cheeseburger meal with fries. 

Waitress: Sure thing Sweetie. I will go place your order.

*The waitress walks off towards the kitchen and places the order in the window. She then proceeds to help out another table.*

Darkness: Just remember one thing, Kurtis, if this is some kind of rouse to try and squeak by me then you got another thing coming. I will not double cross you so you damn well better not double cross me. If you do Syndicate will be ready as will I and we will make your life a living hell. I will make it my mission to make sure you never win another match in the WWX. So let's leave the past in the past and show the rest of the WWX locker room how two first-class wrestlers have a match.

*The waitress walks over with Darkness' food and sits it down on the table in front of him.*

Waitress: Anything else you need Sweetie?

Darkness: No, I think I am good for right now.

Waitress: Ok Sweetie. Here's your check. Just let me know when you're ready for me to take it.

*The waitress walks off back towards the kitchen. Darkness glances down towards the check and notices something written on it besides the bill. He picks the check up to get a better look and the camera catches a glimpse of what is written.*

"The revelation is coming"

Darkness: And it is coming for you Kurtis.

*Darkness puts the check back down on the table. He picks up a couple fries and begins eating as the camera fades to black.*

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