Time of My Life

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Thu, Jan25, 2018 8:00pm America/Phoenix
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Time of My Life
SJ: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Sarah Jackson with WWXonline.com and I'm currently sitting here with the reigning Undisputed World Champion Xavier Pendragon. Xavier, thanks for being here.

XAVIER: It's not everyday that you guys catch me in between my training regiment, but thanks for having me.

SJ: Let's jump back to Holiday Hell during the last few minutes of the World Title match. What made you decide to cash in your Race for the Case that night?

XAVIER: I knew that I would do what any Race for the Case holder would do: wait until the champion is at his weakest, then strike hard and fast.

SJ: Good point. Now let's fast forward to the current time. How are you hanlding being the world champ?

XAVIER: Oh, I'm having the time of my life. Sure, there are more photo shoots that I have to go to due to me being the champion really cuts into my training but it's been fun.

SJ: What are your thoughts going into your upcoming match with Darkness having Syndicate in his corner?

XAVIER: It'll be no different from me training. Just keep my wits about me while keeping one eye on Syndicate.

SJ: Do you think Syndicate will get involved in the match?

XAVIER: I'm not gonna say he is nor am I gonna say he will. What I WILL say is that I will be prepared. 

SJ: A few more questions before I let you get back to your training. Did you think that you would be sitting here as World Champ?

XAVIER: Not really. I already made history as being the first person who became a 5-time International Champ and I was actually gonna go for #6 when my opportunity for the World Title came calling. My detiny would not be stopped.

SJ: Any last words for the WWX faithful?

XAVIER: At Ravage Darkness, you and me square off inside the ring once more. Don't count on me losing. Now if you'll excuse me...

Without any wasted motion, Xavier sharply gets up from his chair and walks out of camera view

scene fades

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