Time play the Game

Roleplay Roleplay by CRAZY JENNA
On Sun, Sep09, 2018 10:44am America/Phoenix
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Time play the Game

Crazy Jenna is sitting at a table and before her is chess board.

CJ:: I heard what you said in your nice and tidy limo. You seem to thing you have our 3 way match all wrapped up. 


You see our match is a game BUT I will be running the game, NOT you.

You see when I spot that you have gotten used the game we are playing.

Jenna sends the board and all the chess peices flying and brings out some cards and deals 3 hands.

CJ :: I will change the game. 

CJ sends the 52 cards flying brings out three pieces of paper and Yahtzee dice.

That goes for you two Reiko.

By the tame the game ends the ref will be raising MY hand in victory. And you two will be confused as to what happened.

Cj turns the table over before walking off:: So many games to play so little time.

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