Time To Meet The Lumberjacks

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Thu, May11, 2017 7:44am America/Phoenix
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Time To Meet The Lumberjacks
[ The segment takes place somewhere in the woods, the camera follows Fill walking through a clear path, with the sound of chainsaws coming from somewhere ]

Fill: Usually, hearing this sound makes you think about horror movies right? 

[ Fill lets out a quick laugh ]

Fill: That's what I think too, but don't worry. That's not a murder you're hearing. There's something I wanted to see and give a small example to Khoklov for Mayhem.

[ At one part of the path, there's a man who stops Fill and the cameraman ]

Guy: Sorry fellas, this place is off limits, you don't want a tree to fall on you.

Fill: We're from WWX sir, I called your boss a few hours ago and he said we can enter for a few minutes.

Guy: Oh right, your Fill, just be careful okay?

[ He lets them pass and they continues to get closer to the sounds. The chainsaws and the yells between the lumberjacks get louder and louder, as Fill stops and sees a tree falling a little further. One of the lumberjacks sees Fill and acknowledges him ]

Lumberjack: Took you long enough, we thought you weren't gonna show up at all.

Fill: It wasn't easy to find you guys.

Lumberjack: We've set up what you needed, just point the camera this way.

Fill: Thanks, so the reason I made all of these arrangements is that I wanted to make a point to someone like Khoklov. You know, I've been on his spot, I've judged people by their size, weight and so on, but looks can be deceiving. You see, when you have an opponents with such strength and temper, you know that having a strategy can save you. Of course, Khoklov only needs to get hands on me and choke me like he did to Gary Lane. Speed isn't one of my qualities, but I have the technique and strength of my own. Even if I'm trapped in his hold, there will always be a way to escape, kicks to the lower side won't be a good idea though, unless I want to get disqualified. I'm not desperate enough to do that, but I've been in worse situations, and I always find a way.

Fill: I wonder though, Abakumov mentioned that I made this personal. What exactly did I do? Back when Cameron Westport did the same to me and threw me in the ring so Khoklov could finish me off, I didn't take it personally. Sure, I was offended, after all it was just for the International Championship.

[ The last bit Fill says in a slightly higher tone ]

Fill: Okay, maybe I did, but it didn't look like Khoklov cared much. You would think that a monster like that would want a real fight. Instead he took the easy way out, and in the end it was personal just because I hit him with a chair...

Fill: ... Well Khoklov, I'm not gonna use a chair if you take that so personally, and this time we won't need Cameron Westport do decide which one of us can win the match. You know, with that size of yours, you remind me of a tree, a tree just waiting to be cut down. You might be tough, you might be strong, you might be heavy, but so is this tree.

[ Fill shows a tall tree that has been set up to be cut down ]

Fill: And notice, what happens to it now - YOU'RE UP GUYS!

[ The lumberjacks finish sawing the tree, as the camera watches it fall down slowly ]

Lumberjacks: Timber!

[ As it falls, the lumberjacks give each other a high five and Fill turns to the camera with a smirk on his face ]

Fill: At Mayhem, you can be that tree, and I will be the lumberjack. 

[ Fade to black ]

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