Time to silence the doubters, haters, naysayers, critics..

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 1:07pm America/Phoenix
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Time to silence the doubters, haters, naysayers, critics..
TIME: 4:20 pm

PLACE: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Location: Pre-show autograph signing

-The scene opens with a wall of fan man art shown on display.-


-The camera pulls back from the fan art wall to show Blayde Archer signing autographs at a booth table then panning across the new WWX action figures propped up on the booth table.-


-The fan access event is in full effect as a long line has formed outside of the Blade Club Booth. Blayde Archer looks up after signing an autograph then sneers when noticing the camera, quickly thrusting his palm over the lens, shoving it away and temporarily sending the picture to static fuzz. The video feed cuts to an exclusive WWX Network LIVE online event in Bridgeport, Connecticut a couple days ahead of Mayhem, which was scheduled to take place in Hartford. The matches were hot and the fans are even hotter. That is, until the mood inside the arena suddenly changes as The Blade Club theme hits. The crowd reacts with the usual boos mixed with a few scattered cheers as Blayde Archer steps out on stage dressed in a bright red black suit with red trim and makes his way down the ramp. He stops momentarily, shooting a sideways glance at someone in the crowd. After a couple seconds, he shakes his head then continues towards ringside. Archer asks for a microphone before he starts up the ring steps then stops again, looking back towards the same fan from earlier.-

Alright, stop everything one damn minute because I've got a few things to say.. 

-he points to someone in the crowd- 

YOU. Yeah, you over there in the second row, the skinny neckbeard that's wearing the stupid Fill shirt. I can already tell you don't have any taste, so I'll take that into consideration. But I heard what you said when I walked past you...somebody apparently thinks he's funny, doesn't he? Well, I won't forget it. I'll deal with you in a minute.

-He continues into the ring while the fans start to boo again. Gideon moves around the ring, glancing back at the fan in question once again.-

You see, it's people like that who are the biggest problem in this business...the people who think they know everything, who think that because they constantly use the terminology that they see on the internet that they're somehow an authority on what makes this business run smoothly. You pluck some nobody off of the independents, a no-name who's wasted years of his life as a C-Lister in some unknown promotion...and they'll throw their support behind him almost instantly. Why? It's so they can feel like they're somehow sticking it to the man. That mentality is the reason this business is in the state it's in...hell, it's the reason why this country's in the state that it's in. Although thankfully, we have President Trump to clean up the country for us. So there's that.

-That was all it took to send the crowd into a serious frenzy. Blade stood in the center of the ring with a smirk as he looked around at the fans to see their reaction to the name-drop. A look of disgust speads across his face and he starts to shake his head.-

As for the state of the business? Well, that's why you have ME. It's why you have US! Face it, you want the Blade Club.. You NEED the Blade Club! Why? Because we are just too damn sweet and talented to be ignored! So remember that while all you cheer for these losers who are nowhere near the level I'm at, the only thing you accomplish is to over-inflate the ego of the Fills and Raynes of the world who's too stupid to know when they are outmatched and outclassed. My opponents on Mayhem? I will Rayne on their parade in every conceivable way, pun definitely intended. And yet, all of you morons will cheer the soon to be former champ on like the sheep you are... you'll buy his merchandise, you'll hang on his every word every time he steps in front of a camera, you'll chant "You Deserve It" whenever he so much as executes a proper armdrag. And you'll do it because you think you're somehow sticking it to the man. That you're somehow sticking it to ME. [he scoffs] It's pathetic. Just like all of you sheeple. That's what Fill is. A sad and pathetic little man...cheered on by sad and pathetic little people. 

And you Rayne.. The Silent Assassin. The Arch Angel.. You are a two faced, back stabbing Sociopath. 
That has already been proven by your past words and hypocritical actions. Isn't it funny how you feel the need for revenge and retribution as if you are not due vigilante justice yet somehow, someway, can always try to justify the truth by twisting it to fit your own narrative that align with your wants and needs. Rayne. Buddy. Pal. Amigo. Hombre. You can talk and talk and talk all you want but what are you saying, really? Nothing of context that matters. You are going to give me the beating that I shoulda got when entering these doors, huh?

-He says with a raised brow expressing interest.-

You could try that Rayne, you could TRY to throw your sledge hammer around hoping to hit something when you realize that you are not man enough to get the job done by yourself, too. Either way, you are going to taste defeat once again. You seem to think that The Blade Club is a crutch. That it will hold me back, like your partner and your alliance with When Worlds Collide did, right? Just think what you could have been.. You could be in Syndicate's spot if only you played your cards right, right? When it comes to the Blade Club? you are far from the truth, which comes as no surprise to anyone. You do not see the grand scheme, how we are bigger that one individual, that we are here to grow into the biggest phenomenon in professional wrestling nor do I car to explain that to someone of your status. An in trustable ego driven manipulator who is going to feel a heavy dose of karma coming his way this Sunday Night on Mayhem. See, I won't be playing any tricks or pull any stunts like you are all expecting, and that alone will throw you off your game. You are going to learn quickly that Blayde Archer doesn't NEED help from anyone and after I SINGLE HANDIDLY beat and defeat Rayne, Khoklov and dethrone Fill to become your undisputed International Champion? When that happens, what will you all have to say then? Because what I will be saying is I TOLD YOU SO! whether you realize it or not, you want me as your International champion.. YOU NEED ME as your International Champion.

-The crowd certainly doesn't think so. They respond with a thunderous amount of boos. But Blayde Archer continues talking right over them all.-

I TOLD YOU. [he waggles a finger] we told you all from DAY ONE that The Blade Club was the future of this promotion but instead of showing your support and loyalty for us, You get behind Fill.. FILL of all people! A guy with the moniker of "the Stressed one" is your International Champion, are you proud of that?

-The crowd cheer, clap, stomp, whistle and do everything they can to make noise in support of Fill.-

See that is exactly what I am talking about right there, when you cheer guys like that you succeed in making them believe that he stands a snowball's chance in hell against someone like me. You get false hopes up having Fill think he can pull of the miracle win only to have me be the one that has to crush his pipedreams along with the other three men who stand in my way to claiming what WILL rightfully be mine after this Sunday, The International Championship Title! 

-The crowd boos and Blayde Archer sneers before lifting the microphone to respond.-

You think Fill can represent this company? You think HE would do anything other than drop the ball like he almost always does [he scoffs] If you think that, then you're out of your damn mind.. You can stand here and read me a list of his accomplishments all day and hey, I'll be more than happy to applaud with a sarcastic golf clap on every single one of them. The thing is, Fill is only as good as the caliber of his opponents. You stick him in there with certain guys and yeah, he'll be the cream that floats to the top every time. But when you stick him into the ring with someone like me, a talent of my caliber, someone who's leaps and bounds BETTER than him in this ring and on this mic?

-He holds his arms out, as if waiting for the fans to fill in the blank. They respond with more hostility, which only brings a smile to his face.-

-BLADE- Listen to you. All your boos don't mask the truth. Because the answer to that question is that all of those neat little accomplishments? They slow to a stop once we arrived. The truth is, nobody will stop me. Fill says he does not like me. That is fine. I can't say I blame him seeing how I am about to take his title and meal ticket away. He doesn't have to but he WILL respect me. Even if we have to beat it out of him. That doesn't change the fact that I still have respect for you. I just know what everyone watching will soon realize, that 2017 is the year of the Blade Club. I know that you are looking at the man who will go down in the record books as the fasting rising superstar in WWX history!

-A rare smile peeks out as Blayde Archer spots a small section of fans holding up single letter sings that spell out T H E  B L A D  C L U B. Apparently the guy holding the letter "E took a bathroom break assignment or was on assignment to retrieve snacks and drinks."-

Fill you are quick to try and dismiss us by calling the Blade Club newbies and make excuses for our success. Rayne basically shared his same words.. Do you know what that sounds like to me, Champ? That sounds like jealousy. That sounds like envy. Ironic isn't it? You want to try and slander our good name? Go ahead. It won't stop me from dropping you for the three count and leaving with the International Championship Title.


-Blayde Archer takes a short walk in the ring and flaunts his wardrobe to the crowd.-

Take a look.. THIS is how a real champion dresses, acts, performs and carries himself like an absolute superstar no matter who they put me in the ring with and that's because I AM an absolute superstar. A champion in the making.. and this Sunday at Mayhem? Will be my crowning achievement.

-The fans respond with a booming "We Want Fill" chant, which brings a temporary scowl to Blayde's face. He lowers the microphone, looking around the arena at the audience in attendance, a smirk eventually returns to his face. He wasn't about to let them all know just HOW MUCH it really bothered him, if he could help it.-

You can chant to your little heart's desires all you like. Because it isn't going to change a damn thing when I...

-He stops as the sound of the chant began to overtake the sound of his voice. His eyes slowly scan the crowd, that confident smirk on his face gradually morphing into a look of complete and utter disgust. He wasn't able to hold it in anymore and starts to shake his head.-

-BLADE- Yeah, you go ahead and keep chanting. You keep on proving my point, because I haven't said anything that wasn't the absolute truth. That's why after this falls count anywhere, elimination four way match, after I make history as your NEW International Champion...I'm going to come out here and I'm going to LAUGH at each of you...sycophants, I'm going to laugh at you and shove that International title as a symbol of my success right down your throats EVERY chance I get! 

-he sneers-

You think Fill, or Rayne, or even The Great Khoklov has what it takes to derail my momentum, that they have what it takes to stop the Blade Clubs stampede into the history books? Go on, KEEP THINKING THAT. Keep thinking you know everything, because that's only going to make it sweeter for me when I prove you fans don't know a damn thing.. [he motions to himself] I'm smarter. I'm better. I'm far more talented than you fans watching me now could ever imagine or dream of being. And everytime our paths have crossed a target of ours, it's ended up the same way.

-He leans over the top rope, then raises his arm over his head.-

With The Blade Clubs hand getting raised in the air. And it isn't going to be any different this week, when I knock all three of my opponents out of the box and come one step closer to achieving my goals. [he jabs a thumb into his chest] I'm the superstar. I'm the most legitimNate wrestler in the world. And after this week, I'll be your NEW International Champion...nothing can stop that from happening. Not Rayne. Not the Russian Snowman Khoklov. Not even Fill. Not any one of you. What makes any of you think that he deserves this more than me? What all has he done that puts him above me? The answer is NOTHING. You need proof that I deserve this? Come on, do I really have to reel it off again? The King of Trios...the Lucky 7's contract...the Tag Team Championships...I'd have won the All Or Nothing Battle Royal too, if not for some idiot getting in my way. But I'll deal with him in good time. Right now, my attention...my FULL attention is on winning this tournament. And whatever I do to Fill this week? Just remember..."You Deserve It"...Oh and Rayne? There will be bloodshed, there will be pain, there will be failure and you will feel it.

-He drops the microphone, which cues up the Blade Club music. The boos from the crowd are deafening, almost enough to completely drown out the music as he turns and climbs out onto the apron. He sneers as he looks around at the audience, then drops down to the floor and starts up the ramp again. But he soon stops and turns to the same person responsible for jeering him earlier. Blayde Archer says something to him and the fan yells right back in his face. Archer's response? He grabs a beer out of the hands of one of the people sitting next to him, then throws it in the man's face! The boos get even louder and the man tries to climb over the barricade, only to be intercepted by security. Blayde laughs and pantomime motions that the title is going around his waist with both hands continues up the ramp, having gotten the last laugh on the man.-

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