Times Are Going To Change

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, May10, 2018 9:36pm America/Phoenix
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Times Are Going To Change
The scene begins from a room in a nearby building of Times Square. It's one especially made for occasions like these. The layout of long black curtains are modified at the top, draping from a long metal pole built into the wall the length of a basketball court. The lighting built into the ceiling is the only one that shines down. The camera view pans out to scope out a good majority of the room. Finally, the camera starts to slow down as it continues to scan the isolated room. Soon the camera stops at the face of Rex McAllister, who stands just inches from the camera. The reaction of the camera man is somewhat startled, and guarded. Rex stares stoically into the camera. He appears to be wearing business attire, and worn over that is his black trench  coat. He appears to be thinking, but just then he begins to speak.

Rex McAllister: Syndicate, we meet again. The stars have aligned once more for the two of us, even if for just a moment. For the moment, you have value...meaning. Of course, it's not because of what you hold that gives you that meaning, not to me. That's simply something tangible to identify you with, that helps you stand out. Makes it easier to know where you are, what you do, and when you do it.

But, to me, it's 'YOU' that makes you meaningful to me.

Rex McAllister: 'YOU' make my pursuit well worth the price of admission, and when the dust has settled at Bloodshed, it will be 'YOU' that will know what you meant to me because of me! You will know that a debt was paid by my hands one way or the other.

Rex looks down as he pauses, smirks, and then looks back up to speak.

Rex McAllister: To truly understand that, you don't need to think hard. Physically... Physically, I shouldn't even be here. At Armada, that should've been it. A war it was, at it's most intense. I've been beaten, and I've been battered before. I've been scarred and bloodied, but at Armada, for a second, I thought that would be the end. I thought everything I've worked for to get here was going to be cut off and left to shrivel up into nonexistence. I thought for just one second that Rex McAllister, perhaps, wasn't everything he knew himself to be, that everything was in vain. I honestly believed that I had bitten off more than I could chew. But I ate it, and ate it all. I devoured it. I practically consumed it with a smile on my face while feeling everything and nothing, even as I laid there ravaged by a monster of a man who simply couldn't finish me for good. 

He wasn't everything that he said that he was.

And neither are you.

Rex pauses once more, looking ever relaxed as he continues to stare straight ahead stoically.

Rex McAllister: What I did to Korath, to see with my own eyes the pain that I could inflict upon such a man made all of the doubt that I could ever be vanquished melt away. I lost. I was defeated, yes, but I still stand and have yet to be stopped. What I'm doing, it's about getting what I want by any means necessary, and after the last several months? I firmly believe I've established my place on the mountain where I can reach up and pull you down at any point, even when you're prepared for it. Others have fallen, allowing for my rise to take place sooner than I had foreseen after Armada, and the unrelenting, the remorseless Rex Master keeps coming. 

Do you not believe I'm a man of my word anymore?

Rex pauses a moment, but just as quickly he continues.

Rex McAllister: No matter what's happened, still I advance. Yes, blame Tommy Lipton for his incompetence, but not just him. Blame them all. Blame Kurtis. Blame Xavier. Blame Rayne. Blame Darkness. Blame Korath. Blame them all for not being able to do the things that I do to advance.  

We're not playing the same game this time around.

The one I've built myself for, the one nobody can play better than me.

What I'm doing? It's leading to the inevitable.

Rex grins deviously, slowly shaking his head back and forth a couple of times before he stops and continues.

Rex McAllister: Perhaps, just one more example is needed. One more. One more example. One more piece of evidence to put everyone's minds at ease. Sure, nobody will like it, coming to terms with the harsh reality. I make you all flock anywhere I wish, then to me. Tommy is no different from any of you. He flocks just as you do, and this could end the way he wants it to, the way you want it to. You'll be waiting, expecting that moment of blissful satisfaction when I"m finally stopped and humiliated and beaten; left to do nothing but either lick my wounds or slink off to a deep dark hole to die.

And that will be a moment, that you'll be waiting for, that will never come.

Rex pauses for a moment to let that statement, that promise sink in.

Rex McAllister: The scars, the burns, the torture, the blood, the mutilation. After all this time, at some point that should've been it, should it not have? Should've been enough to put me in my place. Yet here I stand. In front of you people. Every single one of you. Men, women, and the children that pay their money to sit in the audience and chant for my demise while a man like Syndicate stands across the ring, no longer a man with a mind of his own, but a puppet for you people to vicariously live through, because you're all too pathetic to stand there in his place. Still clinging onto that last thread of hope that all of my supposed luck in survival has finally ran out. That I've gone too the well once too often. That all the injuries I've attained over the course of my time in this company will finally get the better of me in my pursuit.

It didn't stop me when I stood in front of David Gideon Smith.

It didn't stop me when I stood in front of Tommy Lipton.

It didn't stop me when I stood in front of Korath.

It didn't stop me when I stood in front of you.

It certainly won't stop me now.

Rex grins again with complete, utter satisfaction, as he patiently awaits for what's ahead.

Rex McAllister: You can continue in vain to try clearing this Federation of it's...poison, and I'll continue on doing as I please, period.

See you soon. 

Rex is shown leaving the shot and we're all left the low sounds of whistling and footsteps becoming less and less as the scene slowly fades to black.


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