Times Change

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On Sat, Jul22, 2017 4:08am America/Phoenix
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Times Change
[ The camera catches Fill, just as he is finishing watching Blayde Archer's promo ]

Blayde: Think you can stop me, Fill? [a wicked, sadistic smile creeps across his face.] Try me..

[ As the promo ends, Fill turns off his laptop and a huge smile stretches on his face. He starts laughing like a maniac for a while before he calms down and looks at the camera ]

Fill: Oh Blayde...Blayde,Blayde, BLAYDE... it feels like a never ending marry go round, doesn't it? We've been at this for almost a month now. We've been in a falls count anywhere match, first blood match, and now it's time to try out a No Disqualification match. Just like in the first mentioned match, this one will be for your...more like for THE International Championship. Not only have we met so many times that we've practically learned each and every one of our moves, weaknesses, strengths, qualities, you name it. But if there's one thing we can't learn about each other is - what to do to make the other give up. We've went through verbal and physical assaults, and yet no matter what we do we end up facing each other again.

[ Fill gets up from his chair and starts walking from one end of the room to the other as he continues ]

Fill: However, as much as I enjoy hearing out how hard you've worked, how you are a real champion, how you've worked your way into being one of the best WWX has to offer, I don't need to hear that anymore. Most of us have already been there and we know that feeling very well, but when those words come out of someone else's mouth, their meaning becomes as bad as raw meat. You're doing well for yourself when you hold onto that title as if it belongs to you and only you, but is that really what you call being a real champion? That there are hardly any champions that anyone remembers? Ha, how long do you think your name will last? One of those days you will become the same as those unfamiliar champions that you spit on. And why do you do that, because it makes you feel more powerful, more good about yourself? That's how things go Blayde, times change, just as many times as title holders do. I might not have been a champion for too long, but I've learned a little something the hard way, a lesson that you will learn very soon. The hard part isn't to become a champion, defending it is the hard part. That's how you prove how much of a champion you can be. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I fall short very often, it just happens. I can dig up excuses just like everyone else for every title that I've lost, but that won't change the fact that I'm not the champion anymore...for now.

[ He stops in his tracks and tamps his mouth with a finger like he's thinking ]

Fill: There are a few things that you haven't learned yet though. First off, all of the singles titles that I've won, I've won them without the help of my former stable mates from When Worlds Collide. How many times are you going to mention their name in vain. You speak of me as if I'm some helpless dog waiting to be shot down and buried, I have done more than enough without their help. From all the good times I can remember with them, those times weren't for titles, they were for how much fun we had together, how we shut mouths like yours together, how we lived without giving a damn about anything that happened around us, we never used each other for personal gain. And second, how many times are you going to mention the stress like it's only meant for me. I might still be remembered as The Stressed One, but times have changed that as well. I am not the same, stressed, lost man that I was. I am not worried about anyone that I face in that ring, and that most certainly includes you Blayde. Keep underestimating me, and you already saw the results of that last time we faced off. I really wish we would end the war of words right now, but I doubt you will leave it at that, what we have to say we can say it with our fists in the ring. And one last thing before we're done for today...

[ He closes in on the camera and grins sadistically ]

Fill: Your take over...enjoy it...while it lasts!

[ Fade to black ]

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