Times Up

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Jul28, 2017 9:49pm America/Phoenix
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Times Up
The sounds of production crews setting up in the Madison Square Garden, for the arrival of World Wrestling Xistence has been all over the news these past few days. Even in the late evening setting, the company logo of WWX is on the construction shirts...their pants...hell, even their caps and..well i could go on and on people of the world are seen as clearly.

As the building lightens up, we make out the outlines of various buildings both nearby and off in the distance. You can also pick up the outline of an individual sitting relaxed on a bench, their hands in the pockets of the dark jean pants, also wearing a custom-made New York Knicks jersey that reads McAllister on the back. As the view gets better and more detailed, the person glances to their left, a reflection of light hitting the shades on the person's face, the derby's color is now visibly green on the person's light skin tone. The person turns around fully while maintaining balance on the wall, revealing himself to be The Rex Master....Rex McAllister. Rex's devilish smile plain as day.

Rex McAllister: Nothing ever stays the same, it all gets crushed. It all gets broken. It all passes with time. The magic fades too fast. The bad news is when it comes to you two is that nothing lasts forever. The good news for us is simply a reaffirmation of the bad news, and thatís also that nothing lasts forever. 

Rex takes a deep breath and laughs a bit as the noise from the production crew subsides a bit.

Rex McAllister: Only the moment you're in has any meaning. There are things though that do happen to stand the test of time, there are things that last. Like us! The Lipton-McAllister tandem, the only team in this company that matters.

Rex rises off the bench, the view zooms out, showing Rex starting to walk now. He takes off the shades and begins to clean them with his shirt. The city's skylight in the background as he begins to walk.

Rex McAllister: Saved. Thatís what we did for the tag team division. Two individuals who had no prior coexistence, no tag team credentials to our names as a unified tandem, came together for the sole purpose of furthering the downtrodden cesspool that this company was months ago, and we did it from a division that nobody was otherwise paying any attention to. We set the bar high, we garnered the influence necessary for the tag team division to become the most recognized division in this company across all brands, and we will do it again after we put these small, impudent, egocentrically, envious individuals known as The Blade Club in their places once and for all.

The usual night scene is evident, with people walking and mingling together, traffic and such. Rex turns down a dim lit alley looking into the camera as he speaks.

Rex McAllister: You two knew this wasnít over, oh no. Not yet by a long shot gentleman. Hahaha!. This day was already in the makings the moment you both decided to make your business ours.

Rex McAllister: We can see how very eager you are for this opportunity, this chance, the only one you have to prove that all the underhanded tactics were a mere coincidence, that your success was a given. 

Rex McAllister: Youíre both up already above the clouds dancing amongst the stars. The world has been your oyster, everything you have dreamed of has come to fruition, but again, nothing tends to last. This week youíve everything to lose, but at the same time, youíve been given the world. Oh, you want. You want. You want. And lastly, once more you want. You want this. You want that, and yet what you want isnít always what you need. In some cases what you want isnít even what you deserve. Often times those that pride themselves so much on getting everything they want, eventually find that the well runs dry and without notice they receive something different. That moment of serenity for you two shameless souls has come to an end, and with the return of Fury the Lipton-McAllister tandem will bring your moment at the top to an end, and we'll be sure to knock you two down a peg or two in the process. Your stake to legitimacy will be shot straight to hell as your blood stains that ring inside MSG.

Rex nods as a hint of a smile is unmistakable, as he passes through an open gate.

Rex McAllister: Oh yes indeed, the day has come sooner than even we had foreseen in fact, the one you think yourselves to be safe and happy. The same one where suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know that a debt was paid.

Rex now comes to the end of the alley, walking toward the entrance to the hotel which he was staying. He nods his head at the front desk receptionist, who happens to be a female, who gives him a kind smile back. He looks back toward the camera as he heads toward the elevator, giving off a nonchalant shrug.

Rex McAllister: Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can't get away with screwing people over your whole careers, I don't care who you are. What goes around comes around. That's how it works. Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve.

Rex McAllister: Accomplishments donít erase shame, bullying, cruelty, ignorance, or immorality. It covers it up, with a creative version of pride and ego. We gave you those tag team titles, you needed them. All so you could feel on top of the world, even if for just a short time before THESE JUGGERNAUTS yank that red carpet you walk on right out from under you.

The elevator doors open just in time, a old senior couple step out as Rex kindly makes room for them to pass before stepping on the elevator.

Rex McAllister: Your cowardice ways will finally be exposed in front of the whole world, and the real representation of tag team supremacy will once again take shape as we advance into the future. For a few short months now youíve been grabbing peopleís attention, and I have to give it up to you for a job well done in doing so. However, as Iíve previously stated in the past, history tends to repeat itself. Youíre on top of world now, but youíve yet to fully understand what the consequences are for seeking out the greatness you hope to achieve in this company.

Rex starts to chuckle as he looks down shaking his head, removing his glasses, and hanging them on collar of his jersey before lifting his head back up, gives off another confident smile.

Rex McAllister: No rules in an unforgiving structure, filled with nothing but pure unadulterated chaos, and unrelenting pain! Oh, itís going to be a real barn burner! But you wanna know what tops this all off!? When we take OUR tag team titles back, when we take the division back, you wanna know? Itís putting an end to your unrealized dominance. Itís taking the fantasy of a couple of dreamers like yourselves, and crushing it like thousand pound bricks falling upon you from the highest peaks crushing every bit of success that you worked for in one fell swoop. A clear and firm reality check that the Lipton-McAllister will gift you with signed, sealed, and delivered. Now that wasÖrexcellent!

The elevator doors open up, and Rex lifts one eyebrow up as he takes one last glance toward the camera before disappearing down the hall as the scene slowly fades


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