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On Fri, May11, 2018 9:11pm America/Phoenix
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*Static covers the screen before fading into a shot of New York City's iconic Times Square, the unusual setting of this week's episode of Ravage.  The camera is set up next to the Olive Garden on 47th Street and is facing the famous TKTS discount ticket booth.  Dusk has fallen in "the city that never sleeps", but you wouldn't know it from the bounty of light emanating from Times Square's numerous LED billboards and advertisements.  At the TKTS booth, every window except for one in the center has been shuttered, and it looks like the man behind the counter is about to leave.*

???: Hey, wait up!

*The man looks out through the window as Syndicate, the World Wrestling Champion, rushes into view.  Wearing a black WWX hoodie, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers, he hops up in front of the counter.*

Worker: We're about to close, sir.

Syndicate: "About" is the key word there.  Do you have any tickets for Hamilton?

*At this, the booth worker scoffs.*

Worker: Dude, NOBODY is selling discount tickets to Hamilton.

Syndicate: Damn.  Waitress?

Worker: Nope.

Syndicate: Dear Evan Hansen?

Worker: Sir, you just named the three most popular shows on Broadway.  Even if this place did have tickets to those shows, they would have been sold out five minutes after we opened this morning.

*Syndicate sighs.*

Syndicate: Fine.  What do you have?

*Rolling his eyes, the worker looks underneath the counter.*

Worker: Umm...we've got some Spongebob left for tomorrow night.

Syndicate: They made a Spongebob Squarepants musical?

*The worker rises back to his feet.*

Worker: Apparently.

*Realizing the sheer absurdity of this, Syndicate cracks a smile.*

Syndicate: Well, rev up those friers then!  I'll take one.

Worker: Alright.  That'll be $75.

Syndicate: $75???  I thought this was a DISCOUNT ticket booth!

Worker: That is a discount.

Syndicate: Discount, my ass.  I'll just buy off of Ticketmaster.

Worker: Suit yourself.

*The salesman reaches up and shutters the window shut, leaving Syndicate staring at his reflection in the window.  Shaking his head, he turns around to face the camera.*

Syndicate: God, the nerve of some people...

*He shakes it off, and a steely, focused look comes over his face.*

Syndicate: Just on the other side of this ticket booth, Ravage will be held in the heart of Times Square, New York City.  Now, that's not what I would call a "traditional" location for a show; after all, Lipton sent out a memo saying our dressing rooms would be in trailers next to the Hard Rock Cafe.  TRAILERS!

*Syndicate chuckles as he begins to walk around the TKTS station with the camera following his every move.*

Syndicate: But that's beside the point.  This Ravage presents an...unique opportunity.  In front of what might be one of the most unorthodox wrestling audiences in history, I get the opportunity to take down a man that's been a thorn in my side for years now.  I get to humble a man that believes he's damn near immortal.  I beat the everliving shit out of Rex McAllister.

Syndicate: You know, Rex, I respect you for what you went through at Armada.  That Inferno Asylum match...falling off the cell, being thrown head-first into the fire, being carried out on a stretcher...I respect the fact that you're somehow still standing, let alone in any condition to face me at Ravage.  And then, you post that video on, praising yourself for your ability to bounce back from losses stronger than ever.  That's a very commendable trait, Rex, I'll give you that.

*A smirk appears on Syndicate's lips as he rounds the corner, walking next to the side of the large booth.*

Syndicate: But unfortunately for you...that's where the praise and respect ends.  I really must ask, Rex...if you're so strong, if you TRULY can't be stopped...then why do you never win when it really, really matters?  I'm serious, man.  You PRIDE yourself on being able to "advance" through hardship and injuries time and time again...but when does the cycle ever end?  When is "advancing" going to result in any concrete success?  Sure, you survived Hall of Pain...but you lost.  You lasted through Aftershock...but you lost.  You lived through the Inferno Asylum at Armada...but news flash, YOU STILL LOST!  There's a reason why people don't take you seriously anymore, Rex: you promise that you're going to dominate each and every match, but yet EVERY |BLEEP|ING fail.

Syndicate: The way you speak in your videos, Rex, makes you seem like you own this place.  Like you're Thanos with the complete Infinity Gauntlet, ready to wipe out half the universe's population with just a snap of your fingers.  You can say that you've got this master plan to win the World title and take over the WWX, but every plan can backfire.  I have been sitting atop this company for years now, and that's not gonna change just because you want a turn.  I've taken you down time and time again, and whether it's this week on Ravage or in a steel cage at Bloodshed, I know I can take you down one more time.

*Rounding the corner once more, he reaches Father Duffy Square, where the ring will be set up for Ravage.  The famous statue of Father Duffy stands in front of the TKTS grandstands that will be filled to the brim with the WWX faithful soon enough.*

Syndicate: So you can keep on pushin' on, Rex.  Keep on pursuing your goal.  But as long as I'm still at the pinnacle of this sport - and trust me, I'm going to be there for a long damn time - then your "advances" aren't going to mean shit. the Syndicate.

*Syndicate, looking up at the bright billboards of Times Square, walks off as static covers the screen once more.*



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