To Crush The Darkness

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Thu, Feb15, 2018 12:39am America/Phoenix
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To Crush The Darkness
*Scene opens once again at the clearing where Korath is working. He has dug the foundation for the lodge he's building and has begun moving the logs to use as the floor and wall supports. As the camera is looking over this a shout is heard from behind.

"Stand aside, coming through!"

 The camera swings around and Korath can be seen heading towards the site at a fast pace. A heavy chain is wrapped around his shoulders and the halves of a split log are attached to either end. Korath is dressed as he was the last time we saw him, dirty jeans and boots and nothing else. His sweat soaked hair is tied back and his face is a mask of concentration. He drags the timber to a pile of similarly cut wood and removes the chains with a snap of his wrists. Korath turns to face the cameras and begins winding the heavy logging chain in a coil as he approaches.

"Greetings , time again for me to tell the world about my match at Aftershock is it? Tell me, has my opponent had anything to say on the matter?"

(Off camera): "No sir, at this time he is still silent."

Korath: "I see... one moment will you?"

Korath pauses long enough to drop the coil of chain next to other tools and to drink from a earthenware jug. When he finishes the look upon his face is a mixture of anger and annoyance.

"So Darkness I am taking your silence to mean one of two things. Either One, you think that because of the win Syndicate got over me last week, partially due to you, you believe I am not worth your time. Or two, what I said in my last promo hit the proverbial nail on the head and you are too much the coward to face me on your own."

Korath takes another drink from the jug, staggering a little as he lowers it. A look of surprise briefly flashes across his face as he reads the inscription.

"Good batch, gotta make more of you."

He places the jug next to the tools and returns his attention to the camera.

"Now in the case of the first scenario Darkness, you have been here long enough to know that I am not the person to underestimate. Everyone who has done so has ended up beaten, bruised, and bloodied. Just because I lose does not mean I will always lose as you will soon find out when Aftershock gets here. Now onto my second point."

Korath stops long enough to pick the logging chain back up, allowing it to uncoil as he straightens. As he speaks again he begins examining the chain for any weak links.

"Darkness, if you think for one second that you are going to run and hide so that you don't have to face me or that you will miraculously have assistance you have another thing coming. You have been designated as my prey and I will hunt you down no matter where you hide or if I have to go through the entire WWX locker room to to get to you. Make yourself know Darkness or make your peace, I will not be stopped and this Saturday at Aftershock we will have our match and YOU. Will. FALL."

*After saying this, Korath walks away in the direction he arrived, swinging an end of the chain in either hand. The scene fades to black soon after leaving a message before switching to the Nordic Nightmare logo.

"To Crush the Darkness, I will stop at Nothing."


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