To Ravage, Renewed

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On Tue, Feb20, 2018 6:06pm America/Phoenix
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To Ravage, Renewed
*Scene opens again at the site of Korath's building project. Holes have been dug in each corner and two more along the long walls; twenty foot logs of red oak are resting in all but one of them. To the right we see Korath, dressed in his usual work attire, lifting the final post with little difficulty and getting into position to set it into its place. Another man, a blond that’s shorter and less bulky than Korath, hops into the foundation to guide him into the hole. Korath, bear hugging the pole, begins to squat down until he can go no further. Then, with a signal from the other man, he drops the log into place and pulls himself back up, finally noticing the camera crew.

(turning to his partner) "Take a break brother, I've business to attend."

He pulls the man up out of the ground who then walks out of frame, presumably to have a seat and watch. Korath walks over, a grin spreading across his dirt smeared face.

"Aftershock was a hell of a show was it not? The Crusade Cup came to an end with Jake Devine getting the win and chance at the new WWX Undisputed Champion Tommy Lipton. Congratulations to the both of you. But the real match of the night was the one in which The Nordic Nightmare destroyed Darkness. Tell me something Darkness, how does it feel to have been outsmarted and outmatched by a savage? How does it feel knowing that everything that you tried to do, everything you tried to use against me, was defeated by the sheer brute strength of Korath? Do you remember what I told you Darkness, that if you decided to have someone attempt to cause interference in our match you had better make sure that they are expendable? You have shown your true character by sending your own tag team partner to be mauled by The Red Wolf of Kiruna. Your cowardice caused Syndicate to be unable to win the Crusade Cup and be carted off in an ambulance. How does it feel Darkness to know that YOU. ARE. WEAK!!"

Korath pauses for a moment, attempting to regain his composure.

"But that is the past and I must know look to the future, I must now look to Ravage, where once again I enter the ring, once again I leave the fans screaming for more and craving what will come in the main event. My opponent for this week is a man who at Aftershock had some bad luck, Jarvis Valentine. Jarvis, you entered the WWX with great ambition, you secured the TV title in record time and you look to have a bright future ahead of you. However, I must say this. Your bad luck from Aftershock, that caused you to miss your opportunity at regaining the TV title, and to then fall in the Crusade Cup, it continues on. For you know have to face the Nordic Nightmare, this Ravage you must face Korath…"

Korath pauses again to let his words sink in. He looks down then squats and picks up a fist sized rock, inspecting it as he stands back up. He places it between both of his hands and begins to apply pressure. After a few moments, Korath gives a yell of exertion and crushes the stone.

"Jarvis Valentine, I am the strongest active superstar on the roster, there are very few people in this business who are capable of beating me cleanly and all who face me suffer from the terror of my assault.  I have broken many men, and I will not stop until I am no longer capable of doing so. You Jarvis Valentine have been dealt a poor hand and you will see why I am called the Nordic Nightmare, you will see why all who face me live forever knowing that they either barely survived or were crushed beyond recovery. Come forth Jarvis, enter the ring with me on Ravage, strike me down or be conquered. Korath returns to Ravage, Renewed and ready to destroy, you are my prey Jarvis Valentine, and I will devour you."

*Korath's predatory grin returns to his face as he turns from the camera, waving to the cameras that they may depart. He grabs one of the posts and holds it straight as his brother returns to the build site. As he hops down to fill the hole with dirt the scene fades to black followed shortly by the Nordic Nightmare logo.

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