To Whom This May Concern

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Thu, Jun29, 2017 11:33pm America/Phoenix
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To Whom This May Concern
[Backstage at a Mayhem Taping, the lights suddenly go out as the fans are stirring...]



[The fans come unglued as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central blasts around the arena, a single white spotlight presently on the stage as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze makes his appearance, unscheduled on this particular taping.]

Matt: What's Krimzon Blaze doing here? He's not scheduled for a match...

Chip: Well, we'll have to see what he's doing out here.

[KB steps through the ropes, nobody else is in the ring except him, and the WWX emblazoned microphone in his hand.]



KB: I bet you were all looking forward to the next match weren't you? Just some two bit nobodies that nobody even cares about while most of this arena is on their cell phones not even remotely paying attention.

Well, ladies and gents, I'm here to change that.

Please, if you would, put your phones down and pay close attention to what I need to say.

[Around the arena most people are putting their phones in their pockets or their purses.]

KB: Thank you.

Now, I've come out here to simply pose a question.

In my match, I have to face both Syndicate and Cameron Westport for the chance at a WWX World Title shot...

The question is - Whom do you all wanna see me pin?


KB: Split eh? Well...

Cameron believes that he's going to be on the marquee simply because he got one victory over me and he honestly believes that he's got a shot in hell against Syndicate... I don't see it.

Speaking as a former World Champion myself, I have the distinction to know who has the talent and who doesn't.

Cameron doesn't.

Syndicate does.

But don't sell yourself short there Cameron.

You might've gotten a "W" on me... 

Stupid finisher name by the way... 

But make no mistake about it, you did pin me.


KB: Hey now, I'm willing to admit that I've been upstaged by a few rookies here and there, it's nothing different.

But the landscape here has changed drastically since I've left the last time.

Syndicate is Champion, hell has frozen over, Trump is President...


KB: Well now, there's something we can agree on... Syndicate shouldn't be champion!


KB: If I can be serious for a moment...

The last time I was here Syndicate was barely able to make it out of the TV Rankings, but to climb the proverbial ladder to the top is an impressive achievement all the more.

Syndicate... I heard what you've had to say, saying that you hate guys like me because of this and that, blah blah blah.

Well, not that you really actually CARE, but I was and STILL am the best pure high flier that the WWX has ever seen - And that aerodynamic attitude that I've obtained has catapulted me right into the Hall of Fame.


KB: I take this match with every grain of salt that comes pouring out of both yours and Cameron's mouths, Syndicate because I know deep down inside you, you absolutely HATE the fact that I'm back and I'm getting closer and closer to having the WWX World Title around my waist, and knowing that fact Syndicate, you detest me because of how I've condoned business around here.

I was part of the most elite faction that ever graced WWX...

Matt: Oh god.

Chip: What?

Matt: Is he...

KB: Yes... 

I was part of Alliance of Defiance, quite easily the most pissed off elite group of men that saw WWX tarnished because of whiny children, much like you've become Syndicate.

You're only World Heavyweight Champion for so long, but when you ultimately lose that belt to ME, you'll know first hand just how much it hurts knowing you've become part of your own destruction.

Matt: What is he talking about?

KB: See, I know you live in this static world Syndicate - believing that you're an Outlaw of Los Angeles, well pal...

You're about to witness The Destroyer from Detroit Michigan... "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze!


KB: Don't think I've forgotten about you either Cameron...

You can talk all this nonsense when it comes to cheating and underhanded referee tactics, and how you've been screwed over blah blah blah.

I see that when you pinned me, you gained a measure of confidence back.

Well, that confidence you earned goes out like a light come our match at Mayhem.

*KB exits the ring quickly and grabs a chair from under the ring, goes back inside and sets it up to sit in it*

KB: Because gentlemen, I'm not playing games anymore.

You've both become targets to me, and at Mayhem, I will prove that I'm not just some flash-in-the-pan Legend looking for glory again in the spotlight...

I'm here to make an everlasting impact, by beating the ungodly hell out of both of you, face you one on one Syndicate, and EARN back the WWX World Heavyweight Championship!

*KB tosses the microphone down as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central plays again*

Matt: KB is surely fired up for his match, you don't mess with an irate Legend ready to become Champion again!

Chip: I'd hate to be Syndicate and Westport about now...

*Camera fades to black*

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