Tom Black? Or Black Tom?

Roleplay Roleplay by GARY TINORDI
On Wed, May31, 2017 1:20pm America/Phoenix
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Tom Black? Or Black Tom?
(Scene opens in the film room of the 420 residence.  There is a large white screen which takes up an entire wall.  In the middle of this screen is a small window (about the size of a large screen TV, 75 inches or so) with footage of their previous match with Tom Black and Bishop Polaris.  The camera pans around the room to show about 20 theatre style seats in the back of the room.  There are a couple of chalkboards against the side wall with various writing on them.   In front of these seats are two huge black leather massaging recliners with a small wooden coffee table in between them.  A couple bottles of Dogfish 60 are on the table, along with an ashtray and a large glass bong.  Tinordi and Glazebrook are laid back in a recliner, watching the screen.  Tinordi is wearing a pair of black lacrosse shorts, a grey Virginia Tech T shirt, and a tan floppy hat.  Glazebrook is sporting a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a black Beatles T shirt.)

Glazebrook  Whaddup?

Tinordi  (Turns and notices the camera) Oh, hey.

Cameraman  Hey guys.  Doing a little homework, I see.

Tinordi  Ah, just routine match preparation, my friend. 

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... you know how we do.  The last time we stepped in the ring with these crackers, the outcome did not go as we expected.  I had a coach in high school that always told us, "You can learn a lot more from watching a loss than you can by watching a victory."

Tinordi - Dude... my high school coach said the same thing!  

Glazebrook - Oh yeah?

Tinordi - Well, pretty much.  He added a lot more explicatives to it, but the idea was the same.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... My high school coach was very religious.

Tinordi - Well, you did grow up in the Bible Belt.

Glazebrook - Yeah... he didn't use that kind of language... when people were around anyway.

Tinordi - Yeah, dude... it reminds me of this joke...  How do you stop a Southern Baptist from drinking all of your beer on a fishing trip?

Glazebrook - I don't know?

Tinordi - You bring another Southern Baptist.

Glazebrook - Oh yeah!  So, maybe we could bring my old coach along and then Bishop Polaris won't drink all of our beer after the match this weekend.

Tinordi - Maybe, but I have a the feeling that there won't be much celebrating in the Polaris/Black locker room this time around.

Glazebrook - Speaking of beer, aren't we in St. Louis, Missouri this week?  Home of Anheuser Busch?

Tinordi - We are in St. Louis, but I don't think it is home to Anheuser Busch anymore.  I think they brew it somewhere in Europe now, since Budweiser sold out.

Glazebrook - Damn shame.

Tinordi - So, this Black dude...

Glazebrook - Dude... you can't say that!

Tinordi - Say what?

Glazebrook - Black dude.

Tinordi - But that's his name.

Glazebrook - But it sounds like you are talking about a black guy.

Tinordi - I am... Tom Black to be specific.

Glazebrook - But he's white.

Tinordi - But his name is Black.

Glazebrook - So, he has a black sounding name?

Tinordi - No no... his name is actually Black.  Like Tom Black.

Glazebrook - Oh... ok.  I guess you can say that then.  Carry on.

Tinordi - Uh... Now I forgot what I was talking about.

Glazebrook - Something racist.

Tinordi - Anyway, the good Bishop and the bad Darkness.  The yin to his wang or something.  You boys are about to get a valuable lesson in tag team wrestling.  A lesson that should have been taught to you already.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... when you step in the ring with 420, we're gonna treat you like a roach, and smoke ya!

(Tinordi takes a large hit from the bong and exhales the smoke into the camera until it encompasses the entire frame before the scene fades to black.)

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