Tom Black Tries Out Something Else!

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Thu, Dec14, 2017 10:18am America/Phoenix
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Tom Black Tries Out Something Else!
[The camera opens to be a face cam on a laptop. Tom Black is sat there with blue cap and blue tank top. He starts to speak.] 

Black: Is this thing working? Is this thing seriously working? 

[He shakes the screen a bit to try and get it in the right position.] 

Black: OK, here goes nothing. So the other night Bob Mellon posted a promo saying the same old crap, I'm in over my head, oh look at me I'm a former IWA champion and the like, so... because Mellon can't come with any sort of creativity other than sitting in his house or go get booed by the crowd, I decided I would give it a shot!  

[Black turns his head away and laughs and sniggers underneath his breath.] 

Black: OK, where to start, where to start? Oh yes, I'm being Bob Mellon so I need to brag about all the people I've beaten, wow! Thatís a long list, there's Willie Steen, Cameron Westport, Tommy Lipton and Rex Mcallister, Lu'Andre Xavier... You know what? This is bull crap. Bob, you must get bored! I certainly have. 

[Black stares up at the roof and starts to ponder on what to say.] 

Black: Right, so... wait a minute I've got to check my texts... 

[Tom says this in a camp voice and gets his phone out and types away.] 

Black: You must have really bad skin... get some sun... ooh this is a good one... You're the Dark One, spooky! There, done. 

[He puts his phone back in his pocket and laughs at himself.] 

Black: Wow! You are really, really bad at talking smack! I mean, when have you actually talked about wrestling to me, apart from saying you're the best in the business because you're on some crummy 'legends page' and you held a world championship for 3 months. You know what Mellon, I don't need a legends page to rip you apart. And apparently you do because thatís all you seem to talk about, IWA and being good at something. Well status update Mr 1940s gent, this is the 21st century now, this is WWX not IWA, things have changed since then. Did that get through to you? Nobody cares about the slabs of gold you've had... actually wait... the fans seem to recognize you as a legend, they seem to recognise you as a good champion! I mean, not any old idiot can get chanted "Mellon sucks" can they? You obviously must be brilliant in the ring! Such a respected wrestler must such as yourself must be really proud of yourself... 

[Black reaches underneath the table and pulls something shiny out of it. It's the International Championship! Black smiles mockingly and points at it.] 

Black: Woah! Look Mellon! Look how cool this is! And its' in my hands. Right then, time to get to work... 

[Black reaches into his pockets and gets a marker pen out.] 

Black: Watch this, this is the fun part... 

[Tom Black puts the pen on the label where it reads 'The Beast Bob Mellon' and sure enough, scribbles his name 'The Dark One' on it.] 

Black: Mellon, I'm sorry but this will take a LOOONG time to get rid of... 

[Once he's finished he puts the pen back in his pocket, lifts up the championship up and smiles mockingly at the camera.] 

Black: There, much better! I think it kind of suits it! Now, Mellon, I'll send this back to where I got it from, but doesn't it look so much better without THAT name all over it. Anyway, let's put this away for now... 

[He slides the championship under the table and turns to face the camera again.] 

Black: Now, let's carry on with this 'Smack Talk' that Mellon always seem too think he's doing. I'm personally going to do it a bit differently because I haven't got 17 speech de-functions like Mellon does. Right then, Mellon, I would just like to start by saying that I really don't care who you've beaten and who I've beaten and who I haven't beaten. All I know is that I've never faced you and you've never faced an opponent like me before. I mean, you're the exact same weight as me and you're 6 inches shorter than me, but your fatness doesn't count. When you get into the ring with me, you're putting yourself into a whole lot of pain. Yes, you put Hex Girl into hospital, but she's Hex Girl and a weakling. You also apparently got rid of other people about 15 millenia ago but that seriously doesn't matter. As I said before, things change, wrestling changes, and so do you being relevant anymore, again with what I said to Blaze, you're old news! Anyway, I gotta go... 

[The screen fades to black as Tom Black laughs to himself.] 

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