Tom Black vs Justice Johnston [promo #1]

Roleplay Roleplay by JUSTICE JOHNSTON
On Wed, Jun14, 2017 8:16pm America/Phoenix
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Tom Black vs Justice Johnston [promo #1]
The camera opens on a door with a strip of athletic tape pasted in it's center. On that piece of tape,two wordsare written: "Blade Club". A hand reaches up and knocks just under the tape. The camera pullsback to reveal that hand belongs to none other than wwx reporter Bryan Chase!Chase is in a simple button up white shirt witha yellowishsportscoat and a tie to match. The lack of grease stains hint of possible maturity, until he dips his finger deep into his nose. He finishes his probe, takes a look at the results of his exploratory journey, then flicks it away down the hallway before knocking again. This time the door swings wide open.



[The Juggernauttowers over Chase, dressed ina blackwifebeater tank top and green camouflage army fatigue pants.Justice Johnstondoesn't laugh, he doesn't even crack a smile. The intense, glaring gaze of the Juggernaut was enough tosend the reporter stumbling over his words.]

Chase: ummI uh.. Hey! Is this a bad time? because I can come back later when you are less scary and angry..


Chase: Fair enough. I just had a couple quick questions to ask about your match on Mayhem against one half of the Pure Darkness Tag Team in Tom Black and then I will get out of your beard...out of your hairI meant hair!Anyways as you know, generalmanager Xander Adams made the stipulation that should anyone within theBlade Club interfere in your match, that they willimmediately be terminated on the spot. What are you thoughts on that?

[A smirk slowly creeps across the face of Justice Johnston as he slaps his big paw down across the back of the reporter who jolts forward from the impact then recoils back into position. The Juggernaut grabs the microphone, slowly pulling it close to his lips before unleashing a loud and thunderous belch from hell.]

JUMBO: That is what I think about that! Look at me, nerdy interviewer guy, I am six foot, eight inches tall. Three hundred and eighty five pounds of domination and destruction. Does it look like a man like me needs any help? Yeah, no..I don't think so! See, before coming to WWX, my reputation was made as one of the World's most powerful men by winning numerous Strongman competitions. I can squatmore weight thanyour cheap car can carryand bench press all three of Redneck Rick's obese female groupies. It's a good thing Tom Black has that mask to cover that ugly thing he calls a face becausehe might not be recognizable after I am finished with thatSeven foot tall freak.

Chase: So are you saying that there will be absolutely no chance of theBlade Club interfering in yourmatch on Mayhem?

[A scowl grows on the face of Justice Johnston.]

JUMBO: Boy, do you have wax in yer ears?! I am going to squeeze the ever loving life and the "Pure Darkness" out of Tom Black.. SowhenI spikethat punk on the back of his neck andbreak thatchump stain in half like an overgrown twig? All that will be left to do is plant my bootonto the defeated chest ofTom Black and Victory will be academic. Any more questions, human microphone stand?

Chase: Uh, nope! I think we are good here. Thanks for your time and good luck in your match against Tom Black on Mayhem!

[The Juggernaut chortles.]

JUMBO: Luck? Is for losers! Which is exactly what Tom Black will be after he steps into that ring with me. The Blade Club? We are proven winners and on Mayhem? We drive that point home like a nail through wood. Now do you got any more stupid questions to ask before I slam this door in your face? 

[The reporter lifts a finger to respond but it is too late.]


[A brisk breeze of air blows the reporters tie over his shoulder as the door slammed shut in his face.]

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