Tom Black Will Give a Knockout Blow!

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, Nov29, 2017 1:34pm America/Phoenix
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Tom Black Will Give a Knockout Blow!
[When the camera comes on, you can see an MMA octagon. There is a huge crowd and a big sign in the middle that says, SFL. Tom Black is stood in the ring pacing up and down, it looks as if he's already entered.] 

Announcer: Introducing, making his MMA return for one time only, I introduce to you... TOM... BLACK!!! 

[The crowd start to cheer, recognizing him from WWX. Tom Black raises his arms in the air, he's wearing long board shorts with the logo, SFL on them. Suddenly, Back in Black by AC/DC booms into the arena. A short, but muscular man marches out with guards next to him. He gets to the octagon, haves some checks done on him and walks to the centre of the ring and stares down Black. There is a huge difference when the tale of the tape appears on the screen, 6'11 to 5'6.] 

Announcer: And in the red corner, I would like to introduce you to, Marc "The Chosen One" Rico!!! 

[The crowd cheer just as much for Rico as they do for Tom Black. The ref asks if both of the fighters are ready and starts the match. They Circle each other with their hands up for a moment before Black puts Rico in a clinch hold. They stumble around for a bit exchanging blows until they break the hold. Tom goes for the jab but is countered with a sweeping roundhouse kick to the face which knocks him to the floor but immediately gets up. Rico is stunned. Tom jabs him then hooks the jaw before giving a massive uppercut to Rico, knocking him to the floor. Tom dives onto the opposing fighter and takes jabs and hooks to his face before the ref calls the match. And Tom gets up and stares at his knocked-out opponent.] 

[A nervous looking interviewer walks over to Tom lifting his mic to his mouth] 
Interviewer: So Tom? How do you feel about leaving your MMA record at 17 – 2 with a huge victory over the Chosen One? 

Tom Black: Well, I found that rather uninteresting, in fact I thought throughout that 3 minute fight that he was a 12 year old, after all he's 5'6. Yeah, I feel happy with my time in this business, but I've got a more pressing matter on my mind and that is the fool known as Krimzon Blaze. 

[The crowd boo loudly at this name.] 

Interviewer: So could you please elaborate on who this wrestler is and what YOU think will happen in the match? 

Tom Black: Yes I can Johnny, and I will say this. Krimzon Blaze is over. Krimzon Blaze's time in the wrestling business is over, and I'm going to prove that on Ravage. What I just did to Marc Rico was easy. And he is by far a harder opponent than Krimzon Blaze. I mean, the guy can't even spell 'Crimson' properly, let alone beat the Dark One himself. Yes, he has been known as an all time great, but in the ring, your reputation doesn’t matter, your gimmick doesn't matter, all that matters, is that you can beat the devil out of your opponent! 

[The capacity crowd cheer loudly in unison.] 

Tom Black: Yes, yes, so, anything else to say Johnathan? 

Interviewer:  Well, um, yes? You still a=haven't answered my question about what you will actually do to 
Mr Blaze? 

Tom Black: Oh, yes! I was going to get onto that. In my next match with Blaze, I'm going to beat him harder than what your used to on here, on WWX, on UFC, on anywhere! Because, John, I am the Dark One, and you are not! Blaze should be handled with caution yes, but when I find an opening, I am going to use it. Just like what I did with the fighter shriveling in that corner over there. Krimzon Blaze may be an effective wrestler but he is clumsy. I will be looking to take advantage of this, and when this does happen, and I get an opening. He wont know what hit him. You can't kick put of the Black Hole, you just can't. I aint letting him in any title matches, it just isn't going to happen because it'll just be a nuisance. Sorry Blaze, but I'm going to crush your dreams like this imp in the corner, thank you... 

[Tom Black turns to face the crowd and yells, I WILL BE CHAMP!!! Before exiting the octagon to thank the crowd for his career. A screen comes up with Tom Black and Krimzon Blaze side by side with their fists up.] 

Commentator: Watch, the Liverpool Bruiser vs Krimson Blaze WWX on the 2nd of December! 

[The screen fades to black] 

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