Tom Black...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Wed, Nov15, 2017 8:03pm America/Phoenix
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Tom Black...
(Bob Mellon is seen in a back alley in Brooklyn, New York. He is staring at nothing, lost in thought. The International Champion is considering the previous few weeks and how things have been going. Frustrated by the recent calling out of him by Tom Black, he takes the garbage can that is next to him and hurls it towards the building across the alley from him. Garbage goes everywhere as a rat scurries into a little crevice to hide. Mellon then looks up and into the camera.)

Bob Mellon: Tom, you stand there and you take all the credit. You gave me the title. You made sure the fate was sealed before my opponent ever even got into the ring. It must feel really good, doesn't it? Do you know what I find interesting about all of this? Let's talk hypothetically for a second. Let's say you don't interfere in this match and Jester by some miraculous chance defeats me. That means you would probably be barking up his tree for a title shot. Now, there was no way I was losing that title bout with Jester but if that was the way the night went, does that mean that one on one with him was too frightening? Are you possibly saying that you felt more comfortable going one on one with this one? Do you find me to be the easier option? Do you find that I am some push over here? You saw the relentless and ruthless beat down I gave Hex last week right? I am not a man who shows mercy. I hadn't planned on showing the mercy that night either. Seems like you were scared of the Jester when you should have been fearing the unknown... Fifteen years ago I rode a wave of unprecedented success to the top of this organization. A seasoned veteran now and one with an evil side to him, you are now barking up this tree. Do you want this title? Come get it, Tom. I accept your challenge and come that night you will be sorry you ever stuck your nose in my business. Hex was an example. That is what you have to look forward to. 

(Mellon begins to walk down the alley and back towards the road)

Mellon: So this week on Ravage we have ourselves a little bit of a preview. A tag match where Darkness and I go up against you and Kurtis Ray. Never could trust a man with two first names. Looks like a real winner you have there on your side. When we get in the ring that night my only goal is to do exactly what I know will happen to you when we meet for the title and that is devouring your soul. They say true evil can only be defeated by true good. We all know where you stand on that. You aren't truly good. You don't even know what you are. You come out here and cannot even tell the crowd what you are. What is your viewpoint? Good, tweener, bad? Tweener seems the closest thing to whatever you are. I guess that's the equivalent of what girls clothing is when you're between the ages of 10-13. You're the training bra of the professional wrestling business. The poor man's Stone Cold. Cute. Whatever the case may be, I hope you plan to be present on Ravage and not hide behind your tool of a partner, Kurtis Ray. You want to run with the big boys. Do you want to see if you can stand up to a living legend? HAH! Now's your time. Then the title shot. Then you disappear. That's all. You should have reconsidered that interference at Hall of Pain because when you mess with the best... well, you know the rest. 

(Mellon laughs to himself as he leaves the alley as the screen fades to black)

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