Tom Who?

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Wed, Nov08, 2017 9:47pm America/Phoenix
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Tom Who?
[The crowd is rocking in Albany at a WWX House Show. They have been treated to a great night of action, the end of which is fast approaching. As the crowd quiets, however, they are treated to one last surprise as the words 'I ordered a Frappucino, where's my f**king Frappucino?' echoes throughout the arena, signaling the beginning of Jay-Z and Linkin Park's mash-up of Lying From You and Dirt off Your Shoulder. The song begins, and quickly shifts to Jay-Z's opening lines, heralding the arrival of Damian Price. Price bursts through the curtain to a shower of cheers as the fan favorite makes his first arrival to a WWX ring alone in almost 2 years. He stands atop the ramp smiling as his name is chanted throughout the building. He turns his back to the crowd, revealing the crown logo emblazoned on his hoodie, the crown sitting atop the letter K in 'King of Professional Wrestling.' He smiles as he turns back around and makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with several fans at ringside. He walks around the ring once, even sharing hugs with some of the younger fans in the crowd before taking a few quick steps and leaping onto the apron, landing in a kneeling slide that takes him most of the way across the apron. He sits on one knee, the other leg draped down towards the floor, making a show of looking out over the crowd before climbing to his feet. He wipes his feet before stepping in between the ropes, laughing to himself as the chants of 'Price' grow louder. He walks to the corner, taking a microphone from a ringside attendant before leaning in a corner and raising the microphone to his mouth.]

Price: Albany, Georgia!! How we doing tonight?!

[The crowd eats the cheap pop up, cheering at the mention of their cities name.]

Price: Man, you guys are white hot. Did you see that last match? The future sure is looking bright for the WWX in the next few years.

[The fans chant back 'That Was Awesome' in reference to the main event match of the evening, a singles match between two local talents from the Albany Area.]

Price: Speaking of which, I'd like to talk about the future, actually. I've spent my only camera time since my return talking about the past, let's look forward. Let's look to Wreckage, where I'll be facing Tom Black.

[Price lowers the mic as the fans start to boo. He holds up his hand which quiets them slightly as he begins to speak again.]

Price: First off, Tom- How much did you pay those plants to chant Blue Haired Idiot? I really hope it wasn't too much, because.... in case no one's noticed[Price points towards his bright pink mohawk]- My mohawk is pink! Has been since my return. Clearly someone's not paying attention. But then, then I had to go look through the record books because, plainly put, I'd never heard of you. Where is this nobody coming off claiming the success of Bob Mellon, a WWX Hall of Famer, as his own? And then I looked you up, and I realized why I'd never heard of you. The extent of your success here in the WWX was a brief tag title reign alongside Bishop Polaris, another Never-Has-Been I've never heard of. Also known as, a title I've held 4 different times. So you know, nothing too impressive, especially considering who you lost the belts to. So, I ask again, who is this guy?

[Damian feigns confusion, miming to the crowd who break out in laughs and cheers.]

Price: Clearly the only thing we know about you is that you have an over inflated ego and more money than brains, seeing as you paid a whole crowd to chant along with something that stupid. So let's talk about what we do know- Me. My name is Damian Price, although some just call me The King of Professional Wrestling- I'm a former 4 time tag team champion, a former International and Television Champion, and one half of The Empire. And let me make something very clear, because I've done what you're attempting to do right now. I'm climbed into the ring with legends, and soon to be legends. I've been across the ring from men like Darkness, The Lost Soul, Krimzon Blaze, Tommy Lipton, Xander Adams, I've even gone toe to toe with the Holy Alliance and The Suicidal Stallions, the two most brutal tag teams to ever do it. And I only have one piece of advice for you come Wreckage, Tom.... Baton down the hatches.

[Damian's voice climbs in pitch and volume as he continues to talk.]

Price: Because at Wreckage, you won't be standing across the ring from a man returning from neck surgery. You'll be in the ring with the man who crippled Korath, who took Toro out of this business, and who retired Krimzon Blaze. You will be in the ring with the Barbarian King, and you are nothing but the tool I will use to make my statement felt. I will be the WWX World Champion. And you are nothing but a stepping stone.

[Damian is intently staring down the camera as he finishes his statement. He begins to leave the ring, but thinks better of it, turning back to look into the camera again.]

Price: Oh and one more thing, something slightly more important than the still breathing corpse that is my opponent Thursday. Rayne and Fill. When Worlds Collide. Congratulations on moving on in the tournament. Sincerely. I'm not a man to hide behind lies or make up excuses. You beat The Empire at Hall of Pain. But rest assured, we will meet again, and things will end differently. I look forward to it.

[With that, Damian drops his mic, exiting the ring to a raucous cheer as he slaps hands back up the ramp.]

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