Tommy Tantrums

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Tue, Jul10, 2018 1:16pm America/Phoenix
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Tommy Tantrums
Tommy Lipton's home office.

(His phone rings, Tommy looks to see the caller ID... his phones been ringing off the hook since the conclusion of WWX Outrage and he has refused to answer the overwhelming calls. But this caller is different, he takes the call. )

Tommy: Go for Tommy...




No we have no choice... 

Yes, let us just ride this wave... 

Eventually. Bye. 

(Tommy ends the call and slams his phone against the desk...

Frank walks into the room, 

Frank is Tommy Liptons long time butler, someone that Tommy feels safe to confide in. His Alfred to Batman.)

Tommy: Yes Frank.

Frank: Sir, I couldn't help but catch your tone and I heard a slam of what I assume would be that busted phone against that now chipped desk. Is everything alright sir? 

Tommy: It is.

Frank: You aren't getting away that easily Sir. These past couple of months, when you are around, you seem annoyed and frustrated. You just haven't been yourself...

Tommy: Duncan McIver is back... 

Frank: Did you not mention to me only a month ago how you wanted to try and bring him back for World Series, and now he is here.... I would think that was a good thing!? 

Tommy: He is going to mess things up and I just can feel it inside.

Frank: I beg your pardon Sir, but Mr. McIver has a lot of experience running the WWX, in fact, much more than you Sir. I am sure things will be-

Tommy: Did you not see him get in between Syndicate and I?! I was about to destroy that kid once and for all and then he has his hounds, who were SUPPOSED to be my hounds,  grab me and drag me off Syndicate without a showing of respect! Thank God for Blade Rickman or we would all be Welcomed back to the fu$%ing Syndicate...

(Tommy cringes with that thought)

Frank: This whole thing with Syndicate, Sir, it has changed you I fear. 
You use to be all about the people Sir! All about entertaining them but now this obsession over this man has twisted you back into...

Tommy: Into what Frank?!

Frank: Pardon me Sir, I should get going. 

Tommy: NO! Finish your thought, SIR!

Frank: Into a mean man! ... Sir.

(Tommy takes a seat in his chair and leans back.)

Tommy: Do you know what that call was about Frank?

Frank: No Sir.

Tommy: That call was to inform me that Duncan McIver had ignored my request to make World Series a number one contenders tournament and instead has booked Rex McAllister into ring 4... 

Frank: Did you not say yourself that last years tournament at World Series should have been for the belt and it was "silly" that James Ranger didn't have a final ring for the Championship belt? 

Tommy: His first action was to make sure Rex McAllister is forced to defend his title and I know very well Syndicate will be chomping at his damn ankles like the bitch dog he is! Duncan McIver doesn't realize that a man like Syndicate is bad for business! 

Frank: Sir, Duncan McIver should have your support, you cannot keep obsessing over Syndicate. You are a multiple champion, you are a legend, you are the GM!! but this man has somehow gotten deep under your skin it is effecting your judgement. 

Tommy: My judgement? My judgement is fine... IN FACT... it is better than ever and I think I have finally realized after 10 years, you have over stayed your welcome. 

Frank: Sir, you do not mean that.

Tommy: YOU'RE FIRED!!! 

(Tommy spins the chair so the back faces Frank....)


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