Toronto bound

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Fri, May04, 2018 9:18am America/Phoenix
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Toronto bound
[The bright yellow rims of a midnight black 2018 Yamaha MT-07 create a colorful circular blur as it hums at high speeds in and out of traffic. WWX intern reporter, Shay Sanders is driving in the next lane over and reads the license plate that spells out "Gimmick".]

Shay Sanders: (Speaking to her passenger camera man.)
"There goes our story. I am going to tail behind and see if we can catch up to him at his next stop for a potential interview."

(The black gloved hand twists the throttle on the handle and heads South bound on Highway 401 to Gardiner and being followed in hot pursuit by an aspiring wrestling news reporter. the wheels roll over the yellow divider line and leans into the right exit before pulling off to refuel at a gas station. The man wearing a black leather steps off the bike, slides out the kickstand with his black boots and removes the tinted dark helmet to reveal himself as Gimmick Jones to the stalking freelance reporter who pulls up to the adjacent gas pump.)

Shay Sanders: Gimmick Jones! I knew it was you!!

(Jones releases a sigh of annoyance and pulls out a pen.)

Gimmick Jones: "You wrestling fanatics just can't get enough. So little lady, to whom should I make the autograph out?"

Shay Sanders: "Actually, what I would really like is a quick interview? If you don't mind.. Is that ok?"

(Jones slides a credit card into the reader on the gas pump then selects the unleaded button as he removes the 

Gimmick Jones: Sorry toots. I don't give interviews to fans. Want to hear what I have to say? Then buy a ticket in Toronto for Ravage inside the Air Canada Center but if you hurry down to the local watering hole, you might catch a champion with a tear in his beer, trying to play victim and hero at the same time. 

(The gas station pump automatically shuts off, indicating a full tank. The handle of the gas nozzle is hung back onto the holder and Jones climbs back on top of the high power crotch rocket kick starts the engine to life with a loud roar.)

Gimmick Jones: "Tell ya what, sugar |BLEEP|. You want a scoop? Watch what I do on Ravage."

(The dark tinted black helmet is slid on and the tires chirp and squeal, leaving the smell of burnt rubber in the air as the hopeful reporter is left in a thick cloud of dust.)

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