Total Chaos

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Jan12, 2018 4:54pm America/Phoenix
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Total Chaos
{The aftermath of Holiday Hell finds the WWX in total chaos. Two former tag partners beat the hell out of each other. A Hell in the Cell match that ended with Syndicate retaining the Undisputed championship and a unexplained alliance with Darkness. The aftermath ended with Xavier cashing in his case for shot at the Undisputed championship. A shot Xavier would make count. Xavier would walk out of Holiday Hell as Undisputed champion.}

Darkness: What the hell happened just now?

{The camera comes to life inside a private locker room inside the arena. The lights are dimly lit. Darkness sits on a bench still dressed in his ring attire. The sweat still beading off his forehead. Darkness is pissed at the outcome of what just happened in the cell. A master plan went awry.}

Darkness: What the hell! The plan worked to perfection. Syndicate won the Hell in the Cell match to retain the Undisputed championship. The plan work. James Ranger was pissed. The look on his face when I shook hands and raised the arm of Syndicate. That look was priceless. But then it was all ruined by some asswipe with a case. Xavier, you ruined what was the most unexpected thing to happen in the WWX in a few years. Although you ruined the night, I do commend you. You are now the Undisputed champion but with that comes a price. You are now a marked man. Whether it is by my hands or Syndicate's, your time will come.

{Darkness reaches down and begins to unlace his boots.}

Darkness: I just got one question Xavier. What the hell were you thinking? Do you not think there will be repercussions. Maybe that is the problem. Maybe you weren't thinking. Just ask Rayne and Kurtis what not thinking got them. It got them nothing except a bunch of chances at the Undisputed championship and each time they walked out with nothing but a lose. So Xavier, cherish the moment because the high you are on right now will come to an end and your fall from the top will be hard and painful. 

{Darkness finishes unlacing his boots. As he pulls them off, he places them in the duffel bag next to the bench.The camera goes black for moment as Darkness pulls off the rest of wrestling gear and slips into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. As the camera comes back, Darkness notices the Ravage card that has been posted on the TV monitor.}

Darkness: So the Crusade Cup begins. This is the same tournament I won last year. The winner gets a shot at the Undisputed championship. The same chance I got last year. I took that chance and won the Undisputed championship only for it to be taken from me by James Ranger. He couldn't stand to see gold around my waist, so what does he do? He puts me in a match with four other wrestlers. He got what he wanted but payback is a bitch and it started tonight. So lets see what Ranger has in store for me on Ravage.

{Darkness studies the screen until he sees what he is looking for.}

Darkness: Well done Ranger. What better way to take me out of the Crusade Cup than to pit me against the International champion Bob Mellon. Let me give you a hand for this one Ranger. Do you think you have played the higher hand hear. Bob Mellon, a beast in his own right and possibly the one person that could knock me out of the Crusade Cup. Notice what I said there Ranger. I said possibly. Mellon could be the one or once again I could run the table and become the two time cup winner. Then I will go on and become a five time world champion. You know what Ranger? I think I have a better plan.

{Darkness reaches down and zips up the duffel bag and placing it on the bench.}

Darkness: I know what you want to know Ranger. You want to know what my plan is against Mellon. Well Ranger if I told you well that would ruin the surprise now wouldn't it. I tell you what Ranger, when I make it back home I will let you in on it. The only thing you will have to worry your pretty little head is if Bob will be on the same terms as me or maybe you could just flex some of that General Manager magic on him that you keep using on me. 

{Just as Darkness is fixing to leave the private locker room, the door suddenly bust open and Syndicate barges through. Syndicate is irate about what just happened. His hair is still blood soaked from the Hell in the Cell match. Syndicate begins throwing things and flipping over tables. }

Darkness: Calm down Syndicate. Our plan worked to perfection with just one hiccup. That one hiccup will be resolved once one of us wins the Crusade Cup. Now my quest for a second straight Crusade Cup begins Saturday, January 13th. I will be going up against the beast himself Bob Mellon. Not an easy first round match but definitely not an impossible one. Needless to say nobody has been able to beat the beast yet but the beast has yet to met the Darkness. This will definitely be a stellar match as it will pit legend versus legend. Who will win... well if Ranger has his way Bob will be victorious but what Ranger doesn't know is that this is just the beginning of total chaos and Bob is just a mere pawn that stands in the way.

{Darkness throws Syndicate a towel. Syndicate catches it and begins to wipe away some of the blood from his hair and forehead.}

Darkness: Get cleaned up, I have a plane to catch and we have some things to discuss.

{Darkness picks up his duffel bag and walks towards the door as the camera fades to black.}

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