Touchdown in Dublin

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Mon, Sep18, 2017 7:02pm America/Phoenix
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Touchdown in Dublin
The scene opens inside the Dubin airport. Beatrice is seen sporting her Graceful Assassin workout clothes while Xavier is sporting a wife beater and denim jeans.

XAVIER: Well, we're in Dublin. I wonder if they make good kilts here.

BEATRICE: Babe, that's a Scottish tradition. We're in Ireland.

XAVIER: Knew I should've laid off those Mimosas.

BEATRICE: Anything from any of my opponents?

XAVIER: Let me see.

Xavier pulls out his tablet, searching through it for the latest news and promos.

XAVIER: Yep. Everyone chimed in except for Johnny Needham.

BEATRICE: Wait. Hold up. Kailee broke her silence and finally spoke up?

XAVIER: Pretty much.



BEATRICE: I'm sorry. Still tryna get doing a simulcast of a football game while in the air.

XAVIER: Point taken.

Just then, Chris Sanders spots the couple.

SANDERS: Hey! Beatrice! Got a minute?

Chris jogs up to the Pendragons so he doesn't get trampled by the crowd.

BEATRICE: Sure. What's up?

SANDERS: What's your take on what your opponents said in their most recent promos?

BEATRICE: Funny you ask me that Chris because Xavier just told me about them. While I only skimmed through them at the moment, I will say this about all my opponents heading into World Series. Kailee, I see you are looking to elevate your game to the next level. Good. I want you to be at your best when I see you in ring 2. I want to see that competitive spirit that I know rest deep within you Kailee. I wanna see a warrior come out of you. By the time the match is over, I hope to see a new side of you. Unfortunately for you Kailee, you will not win this match.

Beatrice motions for Chris to follow her and Xavier, which he does so.

BEATRICE: Then we have Luke Jairus, a guy who thought he had Hex Girl figured out but could never be more wrong. What chances do you have when you step in the ring with me at World Series? Not sure if you know/knew of me, but I am a former champion in my own right. I know how to get to the top of the mountain. The main prize at the end of this mountain: the main event Hall of Pain and quite possibly, the WWX Undisputed Championship. If you have yet to prove you're a legit contender to the World Title, how could possibly stand a chance with the TV Champ Hex Girl and a former champion in myself inside of ring 2? Think about Luke. Don't oversell yourself into thinking that you're gonna win. Sadly, you're not. Hex and I have been in high-profile matches before and know how to deliver. That brings to Hex Girl. Hex, without the other 3 puppies in the ring with us, you already know we're tearing the house down, just like we did in our last match. Don't think that my loss to you has deterred me. Oh, no. It has pushed me to go the distance harder, faster, better, stronger. You be the TV Champion now, but sadly, you're not gonna win the match either. It's my turn to make history.

SANDERS: What about Johnny Needham?

BEATRICE: I have yet to hear anything from him since the card was announced. Whether he opens his mouth or not is on him, but his dreams of becoming champion will fall short as well. I will be the sole survivor from ring 2 and then move onto ring 5 and retrieve that briefcase, securing my spot in the history books as the first woman to wrestle for the WWX Undisputed Championship and in turn, win it. Now if you'll excuse us...

Without another word, Xavier and Beatrice get into a taxi and rides away.

scene ends

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