Touchdown in Times Square

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sat, May12, 2018 4:35am America/Phoenix
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Touchdown in Times Square
A plane touches down at the airport in New York City. As people begin to disembark, we see Xavier Pendragon disembark as well, sporting only a backpack and wearing his "Machine Overdrive 2.0" gear. WWX Reporter Sarah Jackson spots Xavier almost immediately.

SJ: Uh, Xavier! Xavier! Can I get a word with you?

XAVIER: I suppose. Do make it quick though. I am en route to train for my match with Gimmick Jones.

SJ: That actually was part of my question. It seems like Gimmick Jones has targeted and singled out the entire Pendragon family: you, Beatrice and your son Jeffrey who is set to make his in-ring return soon. Any details?

XAVIER: Gimmick Jones is just another rookie superstar looking to rile me up or something and trying to make a name for himself by him assuming I'm just going to let him beat me, but we all know the truth.Gimmick Jones also stated that he has exposed me for being a fraud that everyone knew that I was. My question is how can fake acquired the accolades he has made by being fake?

SJ: Good point.

XAVIER: Simply put, Gimmick Jones is overselling himself and the fact he thinks I'm gonna simply lost to him because he's supposed to be real talent is kinda hilarious. Throughout history, there has been people in this business who were actually fortunate enough, and perhaps lucky, to win their debut match. Unfortunately for Gimmick Jones, that will not be the case as he has already stated that he has already won before the match is even here, meaning he automatically assumes that he's going to mop the floor with me since I appear to have no talent to stand up to 'real talent' like himself. Come on now Sarah.

SJ: Any final thoughts?

XAVIER: At Ravage, Gimmick Jones might as well get ready for a fight. There will be no easy street nor easy money as he is continuously trying to tell everyone. The fact of the matter is Gimmick Jones will not win due to the fact he has made the mistake of underestimating me.

Xavier then turns to face the camera, his cold dark eyes looking directly in the camera.

XAVIER: See you on Ravage Jones....

Without another word, Xavier leaves Sarah, heading for the exit of the airport.

scene fades

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