Tour Of Damaging Possibilities

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On Fri, Jun16, 2017 2:57pm America/Phoenix
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Tour Of Damaging Possibilities
[ The entrance of the arena is full of people, waiting to get inside and enjoy the show. Between the sound of their voices roars the sound of a familiar motorcycle. The ones who are able to hear it turn to where vehicle entrance is and see Fill driving by. He slows down and waves as the fans start chanting happily. A cameraman is waiting at the parking, as he catches Fill's arrival. There are two interesting things Fill is carrying with him, one being the International Championship belt around his waist, and a long chain around his neck. Once he's done parking, he walks over to the camera. ]

Fill: The time draws near. I mean can you hear the excitement in the air, it's hard not to.

[ There's not much noise in the parking area, so the fans chanting can be heard clearly ]

Fill: Come now, there's a little more that we need to cover about the upcoming main event. Now besides the final words I have for my opponents, we can have a quick tour around every possible place that you might see the match in. We already saw one part of it.

[ Fill stops in his tracks and looks over different parts of the parking lot ]

Fill: Initially, there is such a thing called a parking lot brawl, even though this match isn't that type, the fight can still happen right here. Imagine seeing bodies thrown over vehicles, being smashed in the walls, being dropped on the solid concrete, the amount of damage that can happen differs in many ways that are just too hard to bare. One can only hope that the referees don't get hurt in the process, right? Moving on.

[ As they move through the backstage area, Fill stops the cameraman and points at a few different things ]

Fill: I'm telling you, I hope Xander Adams makes sure there aren't too many staff members walking around here, otherwise they might get involved in the crossfire. All of these crates, the tables and chairs lying around, none of that might survive after what we'll do to each other in this match. I only hope we don't have to pay the bills for any kind of damage we might do around here. From here you can see one more place that the fight might take place.

[ Fill points to the bathrooms ]

Fill: As long as we're here, I'd like to point out that I think Blayde Archer has serious issues. How many times do you think he has been bullied at school, caught in tight spaces like these and received beatings from his fellow classmates. I get that, I've had school problems too, but I learned to defend myself in the process and I made sure bullies stood as far away from me as possible. While you're in there you can wash up your opponent, maybe throw him in one of the toilet stalls and let him take a short brake. But seriously, just like every other area we can take the fight in, these bathrooms can be our of order for a long time if we take the fight in them.

[ They move on and reach the fan area, where there are plenty of fans around the gift shops. The moment they see Fill they start chanting in excitement again ]

Fill: Don't pay much attention everyone, just showing this fine gentlemen around, talking about what might happen in the falls count anywhere match. You can't wait for that now can you?

Fans: YEAH!!!

Fill: I can't hear you!

Fans: YEAH!!!

Fill: Hell yeah, you got that right. But don't you worry, this match will be just between the four of us, no damage will come to any of you...I hope.

[ Fill turns away from the fans as they continue chanting on ]

Fill: See we've got more chairs and tables around here, but besides that, there are plenty of gift shops we can visit. Even though by visit I mean throw ourselves at them. We could share some merchandise with each other, maybe even get them at a discount if some of them get damaged in the process, or maybe some of the clothes get covered in someone's blood. If someone's hungry, they can just get thrown at the food stands. We won't have much time for eat though.

[ Fill waves to the fans and moves on with the cameraman. During their walk, they reach one of the boiler rooms. Fill opens the door and waves at the camera to follow him inside ]

Fill: Damn it's hot in here. If the heat isn't enough in the ring, you can always throw someone in here. There are plenty of weapons lying around that might come in handy. Rayne might like this one, there are a couple of hammers, screwdrivers, nailguns... okay maybe not the nailguns. I wouldn't want to give him any bad ideas, as much damage as we might want to cause each other, we don't want to kill each other.

[ Their last stop is the entrance to the ramp before the ring. Fill just slightly pulls the certain and sees some of the people already taking their seats and waiting for the show to start ]

Fill: Look at them, I'm just as impatient and excited as they are. They are only part of the reason we do this. We constantly put our bodies on the line, and the type of match we'll be competing in says enough. There are so many stories that can be said about this match, some will go through it for revenge, others will do it because of their past or future, to make a point, to hurt the rest, but most of all it's about this.

[ Fill says that as he taps the International title belt ]

Fill: Everyone has to get somewhere in this business, and the only way to do that is by winning titles. To me, the thrill of the fight is as important, there are probably plenty of competitors who have left their marks without winning multiple titles, but that has put them on the map. That made them who they were, it helped them leave a legacy that everyone in the company can look up to - The Lost Soul, James Ranger, Tommy Lipton, even Xander Adams. The list goes on, but right now it's all about the International title. Of all the people I'll be facing, only Rayne has had a taste of title gold, but nothing as big as the International title. One is a long forgotten title - the AAA title, and the other is the Tag Team Championship. That is something that is hard to forget, those of you who have watched the WWX around 2014,2015 will remember who he won that title with - me. But now that everyone has their own personal interests, that will remain in the past. And frankly, I don't care anymore either. Rayne has said enough that he doesn't need me anymore, at least not as a tag team partner he doesn't. He still needs me to have a rival. Of the entire roster, he has had the most history with me, he knows nearly everything there is about me. The one thing he doesn't know is that I can change at the blink of an eye. If I manage to seriously hurt someone, he will say that it was him who drove me to such a endings. If I beat someone to a bloody pulp, he will say that it was his actions that made me so angry. I can't say that all of that is impossible to happen, the rules clearly say that we can do a lot to each other. Unfortunately, the only person I'm capable of doing all of that to is Rayne himself. I won't count on him to help me, I won't count on his support, all that I'm counting on is that if someone causes him to bleed in this match, it will be me. The only thing I can promise... well, we've been through this over and over again. Whatever happens in this match, it won't be the last time. So whatever you do Rayne, don't get injured, I don't plan on waiting for you to return again.

[ Fill takes a moment to listen to the fans before he continues ]

Fill: You never get tired of hearing that, even when you mad at someone. Speaking of madness, as much as Rayne might fit in that category, the other two aren't very far behind. Khoklov unfortunately hasn't showed how much he accepts this opportunity, so it's hard to say anything more about him. At this rate I might turn out wrong about Archer being the first one eliminated. So, moving onto Blayde Archer himself. The change that WWX received, and the change that WWX never asked for. Blayde, it doesn't matter how many times you say how smart you are, how intelligent you are, how much you deserve to carry the International Championship - words will NOT win the title for you. You've shown the fans how much you care about them, you completely dropped the mic on them - literally. You know what Blayde, even if you somehow manage to pull it off, even if you do win the International title, that will NOT win you the respect that only you have for yourself. It's true, even respect doesn't win titles - actions do. What we do in the ring proves exactly how much we can carry the prestige of the WWX. You point the finger at me and say that I'm jealous, but one thing I don't have is greed. There's no other reason I can see that you would do anything to win, even have the other members of the Blade Club with you. Don't speak as if they won't be behind you all the way, everyone can see through your lies. I don't know which dark corner of the arena Ezra and Justice will be waiting in before they jump the rest of us, but this is clearly a battle that you cannot win on your own. By calling you newbies I did not mean to insult you. What I meant was that it's too early for you to launch yourselves so high up. For now all you can do is act like you're dominating everyone else, if you want to improve, then win with dignity. All members of the Blade Club have spoken like they will win this together, but only one will carry the International title. You could've aimed for the Tag Team titles, or maybe even the TV title, instead you threw yourself into the fire by aiming at the International title. Of all the dumb mistakes you could've made, you had to do exactly that one. I'll say exactly what you wanted, "you deserve it", you deserve the worst lesson of your life boy - the lesson of pain. If you manage to survive this match on your own, that would be just the beginning of the respect you so much crave to receive. 

[ Fill takes the International title belt in one hand, and the chain in the other ]

Fill: All in all, all three of my opponents will win something from me in this match. It will either be the International Championship... or plan B.

[ He looks at the steel chain and smiles sadistically ]

Fill: After everything that we've been through these last few days, I'll do whatever I can to leave with plan A myself. Plan B is for everyone that insulted, underestimated, or betrayed me. Sunday, Mayhem, that's the day and place when I loosen up the stress, and leave it for everyone else to taste. The war will begin with four warriors, but in the end only one will leave standing and holding the main reason all of this started - The International Championship!

[ As Fill hold both the steel chain and the International title, the segment fades to black ]

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