Training a Challenge

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Thu, Jul27, 2017 11:47am America/Phoenix
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Training a Challenge
*Hex Girl is standing just out side of Central Park in New York. She is wearing all white workout gear and doing some stretches apparently getting ready. The camera approaches. She starts talking once it gets in range not looking up from what she's doing.*

Yeah Bea, I did suggest that you get a title shot if you win. Bourne had another idea and you're getting it now. You see the reason I wanted this to be an exhibition match is so I could have a little fun and not be all serious. That's just not in the cards on this match. It's a title defense and Bea, you know what that means for me. 

*She heads into the park and the camera follows. She turns around on her heel walking backwards addressing the camera but still managing to avoid other walkers.*

It should be no surprise to you that I'm training today. Now I know it looks like I'm having a nice walk in Central Park but I'm not. This is situational awareness training. Ya, see there are guys spread out all over the park some have boffer weapons, some have paint ball guns, some are martial artists and in the whole mess of it all is Kate with a hangover and a metal chair. Their objective is to tag me or surprise me, mine is to make it through the park with as few tags as possible and hopefully not a headache.

*A person in a 'ninja' costume comes out of the bushes and tries to grab her from behind. He gets his arms around her before she goes on the attack. Smashing the back of her head into his face before grabbing one of his arm and hip tossing him to the ground in front of her. She continues walking backwards.*

Because when you have no hold barred and falls count anywhere that means anyone and their butt-hurt brother can interfere. Lets face it there are a lot of butt-hurt pansies on this roster. Don't get me wrong I will be focused on you Bea but I'm not gonna let some |BLEEP|sneak up and ruin our fun either. 

*A couple of fans stop her and ask her for autographs which she obliges but declines photo ops promising to give them a better one if they come to the show. She turns back to the camera.*

There is a lot of history between us. Like me you're one of the Sorority. So just like I have your respect, likewise you have my respect. You said you know me all too well, but do you really? A lot of people think they know me and I continually surprise them. Let see if I have any surprises for you at Fury. I'm gonna give it to you straight I have no intention of losing to you Beatrice but after Fury we can go out and throw back some Cuervo and Coronas to celebrate. Hell, I'm pretty sure I can get Kate to join us for old time's sake. But in the mean time you best be ready cause it's gonna get intense.

*She turns on her heel and jogs off down the path leaving the cameraman. The scene fades to Hex Girl's logo.*

[cut to black]

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