Training for the world

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On Tue, Sep12, 2017 3:58pm America/Phoenix
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Training for the world
*Scene opens in a cleared section of forest, all around is signs of recent tree fall. Several tall oak lie piled up to one side, chips and several broken felling axes are scattered on the ground. You can see some of the wood has been carved or modified into makeshift training equipment, as the camera starts to approach said pile, a loud yell of exertion is heard and a large log comes flying into view. The camera swings to the side and we see a sweat covered Korath approach.

"World Series, the time of year when anyone can gain access to the greatest prize in the WWX, twenty competitors enter the various rings, the victors merge and battle it out to be the number one contender and face the champ at Hall of Pain. We all know this, and any of us that are serious enough will be giving it all and going for gold and glory. I stand in the International bracket, facing three of the most talented superstars in the business as well as a newcomer who has been granted a great opportunity."

Korath pauses for a moment, taking a long drink of water from a jug and then continuing.

"Bob the Beast Mellon , you have been granted an opportunity that newcomers rarely if ever receive. I haven't much to say to you, you haven't given any of us much of a look at you, when you do, we'll see. Until then, good luck in the coming match."

As Korath gathers his thoughts he bends and picks up a large stone, orbiting it around his body to work and stretch his arms.

"Sorry but I think better when I'm working out. Two of my opponents are good friends of mine and another is a man who has been causing trouble with them. Archer, I will get to you last as I want to get serious with you. So Jester and Fill…."

He tosses the boulder to the side, swinging his great arms and throwing a few punches.

"I see you two as friends as you both know, Fill I have faced on some occasions, Jester never, I look forward to testing myself against you. Now I have something to say to both of you that is going to be somewhat hard. While I see you both as friends, when we step into the ring that will stay in the locker room. I will unleash the Beast against whoever stands in my way, I am determined to be the last one standing and to be the man holding the briefcase at the end of the ladder match. So to the both of you, while we may be friends, we enter the ring….as enemies. Jag är ledsen"

Korath walks over to the log he threw earlier, picking it up with ease and standing it on it's end. He inspects it for damage for a moment then continues.

"This weighs almost as much as I do, yet it is practically light as a feather to me. I am getting myself ready for this coming match the best way I know how. This…" he pauses to quickly lift the log overhead "is a small sample of my great strength. Now to the bigger picture, Blayde Archer."

He quickly brings the log to his chest and throws it behind him.

"I see you are a great Navajo warrior Blayde, like me you embrace your ancestry, and like me you show a fierce resolve to see your opponent beaten. However unlike you, I am more than capable of defeating an opponent without the assistance of a teammate. You remind me of The Insurgence, the group that originally caused the alliance known as When Worlds Collide. Your actions and very public lifestyle are so similar its almost nostalgic. In the ring at World Series Blayde Archer you are going to learn the harsh lesson of how I earned my moniker, and you will see that an otshee monetoo in your dreams is nothing compare to the sheer ferocity of the Nordic Nightmare."

*Korath turns and starts to leave the area, before he gets to the edge of the clearing he turns and as the scene fades to black he says

"Jag slår till Valhalla"

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