Twist and turn

Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Mon, Apr02, 2018 12:40pm America/Phoenix
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Twist and turn
The morning starts to glow out in the corners of the sky and the sun begins to rise over England. 
The traffic flow like water and the road is the stream, rolling down through the city. 
A silhouette is seen standing on the London bridge in a thick grey fog as his voice is heard.


A name earned on the indy scene by grinding your opponents into the ground.

We have the honor of competing in the first match to start off Wreckage.

You and I will set the tone of action for the rest of the show. 

everyone else will have to try and follow our performance in the ring.

Something I will work hard at not to make easy for the rest of the roster.

Little is known of DragonFly but soon, very soon.. That will change.

It begins on Wreckage with you, twist. Be ready.

The masked figure looks over the flowing traffic with trace lines of headlights glowing like fireflies as the scene fades to black followed by a WWX copyright stamp logo.

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