Twist of Faith

Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Fri, May04, 2018 6:56pm America/Phoenix
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Twist of Faith
[A television screen clicks on and we see a local news anchor giving a report read off the teleprompter.]

"One confirmed dead as high winds of up to 100km/h continue to topple trees, send debris flying in parts of southern Ontario.."

(Inside the Toronto Airport Terminal sits a masked DragonFly. Clad in a three piece black business suit with a glow in the dark neon green tie, absorbing the information given through the over television monitors anchored above the wall.)

Wind. It is fast, stealth, merciless and unrelenting.

Much like myself. 

There is a storm brewing and it will leave you in a.. Twist.

Will you be able to weather this storm.. 
Or will this lightning bolt strike you down where you stand..

Twist has earned my respect but now it is time for me to earn something just as valuable. Opportunity. 

Armada was the wake up call WWX desperately needs. I proved myself as the true competitor that I am with a warrior spirit that refuses to give up. You are looking at a new breed of talent that will soon be unleashed on the entire WWX..

And Twist? I will not stop until you are picking wooden splinters out of your neck and back. 

(Slow fade to black.)


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