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On Tue, Apr10, 2018 8:18pm America/Phoenix
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*Last week on Wreckage*

[Surveillance camera parking garage footage reveals Twist attacking a masked DragonFly in street gear from behind with a blind side forearm blast to the back of the head, dropping the unsuspecting luchador to both knees. Twist delivers a stiff kick to the ribs and steps down onto the windpipe of DragonFly, watching with a sadistic smirk as he gasps for oxygen.]

"listen up you insignificant insect! I could squish you like a bug right here and now but that would be too easy."
[Twist lifts his boot off the throat of DragonFly and spits down on him in a showing of disrespect.]
"A public execution in front of a live crowd sounds more fun so I'll be waiting inside the ring to finish the job."

[Twist stomps on and over DragonFly as if he were a steppingstone to bigger and better opportunities. The camera switches to the broadcast booth where WWX commentators are wearing a look of shock.]

+ The screen snows over with static fuzz. Wavy blurry Technicolor lines slowly steady to reveal DragonFly glaring into the eyes of viewers watching the live streaming feed on the WWX Network +


Twist. There is one thing we have learned about you from your dirty underhanded tactics.

You need an advantage just to compete with me due to your fear of failure.

You have a half foot height advantage. 

Over a hundred pound weight advantage.

Yet you lurk in the shadows.

You ambush attack me for an advantage.

Your actions will have consequence and the environment at Armada is the perfect setting.

Prepare to be unapologetically beaten broken inside the Elimination Chamber.

I am going to hurt you Twist and it will be a very enjoyable experience for me.

As for the rest of you?

+ A predatory smirk +

Be ready. 

The Devil's Dragon will be.

+ The feed abruptly ends with a WwX copyright stamp logo +

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