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On Thu, Jan18, 2018 12:52pm America/Phoenix
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*Static envelops the screen before eventually fading away.  In its place, a shot of the inside of a quaint Los Angeles apartment appears.  The camera is facing a large window, which allows the warm sunlight of LA to enter the room.  On the left, a tan couch sits with pillows on both sides, and on the right, a large HDTV hangs on the wall.  In the middle of the room, a small brown coffee table holds up a glass of water as well as a copy of "Alexander Hamilton" by Ron Chernow.*


*A door can be heard being unlocked and swung open.  The camera pans to the left to reveal Syndicate standing in the doorway.  Wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers, he holds a gray Under Armour duffel bag over his right shoulder.  In his left hand, he holds an LG G4 smartphone and is presently scrolling through something on the screen.  Syndicate walks into the apartment and sets the bag down on the kitchen's white countertop before closing the door and sitting down on the tan couch.  He takes one last glance at his phone before speaking.*

Syndicate: So Kailee has the time of day to write a 15-word message on Heat - not including the stupid hashtag - but not enough to post any sort of video on WWXonline.com, huh?  Typical.  I guess that's what you do when you know you're outmatched from the start.

*He chuckles to himself.*

Syndicate: Listen, Kailee.  I know you're going to fight back; I would be disappointed if you didn't.  And yeah, I'm sure the Kailee DDT hurts quite a bit.  But we both know the truth.  We both know what's going to happen on Ravage.  Even though you won't publicly say it, Kailee...you know I'm going to win.  You know that I am more than capable of knocking you the |BLEEP| out.  You know that I could very easily break any number of your bones if you piss me off enough.  You know all of that.  Even if you didn't, you should have at least responded to my words from a few days ago...but you didn't even do that.

Syndicate: Now, I know what you're going to say.  You're probably looking at me, thinking that I'm underestimating your capabilities.  You think I'm casting you aside, giving myself the victory before the bell even rings.  In other words, you see yourself as the underdog with a lot to prove come Ravage.  I was in your place once.  For a good chunk of three years, nobody took me seriously.  Nobody was willing to give me a chance.  And yet...I still believed in myself.  I still thought that I could beat anybody in this company, and for the most part, that's exactly what I did.  That is...until I came across Black Angel.  He was the World Champion back in 2014, when I was still relatively new around here.  We were pitted against each other, and nobody gave me a chance in hell.  I came on WWXonline.com to speak my case, but nobody was listening.

*Syndicate pauses and sighs.*

Syndicate: And they were right.  I didn't beat Black Angel that day.  I failed.  I wasn't good enough to face one of the greatest of all time.

*Syndicate stands up and, with his hands in his pockets, he walks over to the window and looks out at the beautiful Los Angeles skyline.*

Syndicate: Now, I stand in Black Angel's spot.  A bonafide legend, a future Hall of Famer, one of the most unstoppable forces this company has ever seen.  You can talk a big game, Kailee.  You can tell me all about how I'm underestimating what you can do against me.  But, at the end of the day, just like I lost to a legend like Black Angel early in my career, you too will lose to the Los Angeles Outlaw.  You are outmatched.  You are overshadowed.  And, on Ravage, you will be outperformed by the legend of today.  It's nothing personal, I promise.  For me, it's all about what lies at the end of this road: a shot at the Undisputed World title.  But, to get there, I must discard you like the worthless piece of crap that you are, Kailee.

*He glances down at the floor, smiling, as he continues to stand by the window.*

Syndicate: Now, if you'll excuse me...I've got a match to prepare for.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*He performs a mock salute to the camera and walks off.  The lens zooms through the window on the LA skyline as static consumes the shot.*



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