UCF vs Auburn Postgame

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Mon, Jan01, 2018 8:08pm America/Phoenix
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UCF vs Auburn Postgame
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We open to see mass media all gathered in front of a podium with Scott Frost standing at the helms. You can instantly hear the sounds of the snaps from all the cameraís taking pictures as the UCF Knights just beat the Auburn Tigers thirty-four to twenty-seven in the Peach bowl. Scott smiles and turns to go celebrate with his team one last time before taking over the head coaching job at Nebraska. 

Suddenly the camera starts moving to the left as the media starts to break from the huddle. You can see Jarvis dressed in  beige slacks and a nice husker polo. The Closer we zoom in we can see and hear Jarvis on the phone:

Jarvis: Yes Boss, I got everything covered. People are saying give Frost two to three years; I really don't think so. We had enough talent in the team this year to win nine. Once Frost gets settled in as the new head coach fully this team will turn around, watch!

Jarvis agrees a couple more times by nodding his head before dropping the phone from his ear and turning it off. Jarvis looks back up and notices another camera crew and journalist, but this ones not leaving. Rather on a mission. We see a microphone with the WWX logo in it behind held by Sarah Jackson. Sarah oprosches Jarvis quickly with the microphone out in front of her ready.

Sarah: Jarvis, Sarah Jackson. We would like a few words from you regarding your upcoming match this week at the PPV Holiday Hell! 

Jarvis gets a smile and nods.

Jarvis: Yea thatís not a problem, though, were you going to just bust in here if the press conference was still going on? You came in pretty fast, Jarvis says while chuckling.

Sarah: Oh, no, 

she says with a smile. I was in the waitings and saw it was over and watched till you were off the phone.

Jarvis: Thanks! 

Jarvis smiles a little bigger and holds his hand out to shake Sarahís.

Jarvis: Now what did you want to ask Sarah?

Sarah: Coming up at Holiday Hell you will be making your first PPV appearance for WWX. Not only that, but it is for the Number One Contender for the Television Championship. Are you nervous going in?

Jarvis: Nervous? I wouldn't say nervous, but I am super excited about it. I was on my way out of the building after my match when I found out about it. Itís a shame about Fozzy leaving, and I hope everything is ok in his personal life, but now the Television Championship is really for anyone to get. If you win this battle royal the ball is in your court. Itís up to you once you become the number one contender to finish the job and gain control of the belt by taking it off the new champ being either Super Bacon or Willie. 

Sarah: One of the men in the battle royal is Damian Price, the man you beat this past Ravage. Do you think that will help you going into the match?

Jarvis: Oh thatís right, everyone should be calling me King Jarvis!!

Jarvis poses with his hand on his hips and looks up to the right and smiles. Sarah and the camera man look at each other before Jarvis starts to chuckle and shakes his head no.

Jarvis: No, no Iím just playing guys. Though I was able to get the one, two, three in the middle of the ring. But in all seriousness, I don't think it will matter one bit. I know we had a match but that was only once, and not only that, there is five other people who will be wanting the same thing both Damian and myself want. It will be very interesting to say the least. Who knows, maybe Mr. Price and I will work together.

Sarah: One more Jarvis.

Jarvis: OK good, have to be catching my flight back to Nebraska soon.

Sarah: If you win this battle royal, what would the message mean to all the other wrestlers in the locker room?

Jarvis looks down at the ground and thinks for a couple moments before looking at Sarah with a neutral look on his face. 

Jarvis: That message would have to be, that I, Jarvis Valentine am not no push over or stepping stone for anyone, nor am I here to be disruptive. My goal is to one day headline a ppv here in WWX. To be one of the biggest draws this company has ever seen. But, unlike most I plan in earning everything that I achieve. If I can come out of Holiday Hell the winner I think that will be the message I send.

The camera man drops the camera from his shoulder and nods before turning to walk away. Jarvis and Sarah shake hands once more before each of them thank each other as the scene fades to black.

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