Unconquered. Untested.

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 6:29pm America/Phoenix
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Unconquered. Untested.
The scene pans to the locker room of the Superdome in Louisiana. Rex McAllister is dressed in full ring attire pacing, pondering his words before he speaks well aware that his opponents have yet to utter a single word to the very moment. Suddenly though, Rex stops, turns his head in the direction of the camera, and then turns completely in the direction of the camera and slowly struts confidently a little closer. 

Rex looks down for second letting out a sarcastic chuckle before looking back up to speak.

Rex McAllister: You know, they say if you build the guts to do something, anything, then you had better willing enough to face the consequences. 

Rex ponders some more, looking away, then back up again. Rex nods as he starts to speak again.

Rex McAllister: Consequences. That's seemingly what happens nowadays when you prove to yourself, and the world over, that when you set out to do something, putting everything you have into it, seeing the process through. It's in those times when that same world tries to bring you down that you know without a shadow of any doubt whatsoever that you are, and have been a success.

Rex smirks, his confidence ever so evident as he seemingly with no effort now continues to speak with no more pondering.

Rex McAllister: That's what the Lipton - McAllister tandem has been, a success...a monumental one at that. Here we are heading into Outrage, the unquestionable faces of this entire company through and through, putting the collective efforts in from day one that we came together at Aftershock, and we've taken a near catastrophe that was once an almost deceased tag team division and made it the most consistently sought after titles in this company bar none.

Those who have tried to bring us down, they are the ones indirectly contributing to our influence. Tanno tried to bring us down in the Crusade Cup, he failed. Maxfield Stanton along with his little puppets Syndicate and Lu’Andre have tried to drive a wedge right through our plans by placing us in a Hardcore Gauntlet.

Rex let's out a hearty laugh mockingly before smiling and continuing. 

Rex McAllister: You know though, it's funny, because when I think of a guantlet match, I think of...I don't know, five, six, seven, maybe eight teams coming out at myself and Tommy, but instead…there's only two. Two teams are coming out at us. One team we already embarrassed with these belts on the line, and the other, they've essentially only got here really through the low quality and ineptitude of the competition they've faced. 

Rex McAllister: Now, honestly I don't have a whole a lot more to say. The Lipton - McAllister tandem has long proved their point in terms of what we can do when we put our minds to it. That's life really in a nutshell. Myself and Tommy Lipton have built our illustrious careers off of proving people wrong, that's how it works. We're a success, as individuals and as a team. At Outrage, we're about to overcome everything that's thrown at us, and move right along in our quest to continue to set the bar in this company...count on it. Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex holds up his tag team title proudly as he stares into the camera with unmistakable confidence as the scene slowly fades.


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