Under the Sun part 2

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Aug09, 2017 10:00pm America/Phoenix
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Under the Sun part 2
Mi-Genti is playing on the boats stereo that's floating somewhere on Haliburton Lake. The land is seen from the boat and the beach is filled with people. It is the annual regatta weekend and it is as live as always. 
Tommy Lipton is standing up in the boat moving his shoulders, bobbing his head a little bit as he moves to the music as he chats with the two ladies in the boat with him. 

Rebecca: Tommy this is absolutely rad! 

Sara: Fkn right! Cheers! 

Sara raises her cup and stands up as the song changes and is now playing "Feels" she dances with Tommy

Tommy: Worked hard for this shit... It was not always this glamorous... So I know its value....

He looks around and then spins Sara and gives her a kiss on the cheek and takes a seat at the drivers post. 

TL: Always nice to be here... a break from everything...

Sara: Do you have a fight this week?

Rebecca: I think I saw somewhere that you just won some championships? 

TL: Yes with Rex..

Tommy walks over to the side of the boat and sees Rex in the water... 

TL: You ready for 420?! 

Rex: Sure am!

TL: Sara, Rebecca.... you are in the company of some of the Worlds finest! You are with the WWX World Tag Team Champions... 

Sara: that sounds dirty! 

TL: Hah.. guess it does... but all jokes aside we are two tuff studs who are at the top of our game.. 

Sara: I know you Tommy, my ex was a big fan. I saw a match with you and DGS for some title... I knew I recognized you. 

TL: I'm known a little I guess... So you use to watch?

Sara: Seen a little bit.. 

TL: Cool. 

Sara: Ya... 

TL: So where are you staying? 

Rebecca: South Bay. 

Sara: Yeah on the other side of the beach. 

TL: Nice, is it a family cottage or? 

Sara: Friends place, she's still back at the beach with her boy friend. 

TL: what's her name?

Rebecca: It is her boy friends place... Dave Drums ... you know him?

TL: Oh yeah I do. He's a good dude, been pals for years! I'll have to drop by later.

Sara: should we head back? 

TL: Or just hang with me this weekend?

Tommy smiles and pulls her on to his lap. 

Sara: I'd like that. 

TL: great, starting off to be a good week or the end of a great one. Champions now and this week we defend against 420... a duo that is known to be the scum off the bottom of the Lipton-McAllister Tandems boots... 
We have reclaimed the tag titles and we will continue to be WWX saviors! 
The Blade Club and the Lipton-McAllister Tandem beef was put to rest in my opinion as the wrong was righted...

Tommy stands up and moves to the front of the boat... He stares up at the sky and then turns to face the ladies and the camera...

TL: But there is one feud that has yet to be put to rest... someone that some freaking how managed to single handedly defeat myself and him!

Tommy points to Rex.

TL: Syndicate... how he managed to keep me out of the ranking contenders for his championship has me utterly confused...

Tommy glares at the camera lens.

TL:  Well know this, you and I are not done. So I'm right now CHALLANGING Syndicate for his WWX Championship! 

Tommy gives a sinister grin...

TL: This week Rex and I will dispose those who oppose us and our spot at the top... 420 will burn out once and for all and as for Syndicate, tick tock... your time is up should you accept my challenge... or are you the coward that the whole WWX knows you are! 

 Tommy grabs the camera and smiles...

TL: We Are Coming! 

Tommy pushes on the stick and the boat starts to pick up speed then he pulls back...
The boat stops

TL: Rex, shit sorry brother! I got in the zone hah I'm coming to get you!

Tommy spins the boat around and heads towards Rex.


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