Under the sun part one

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Jun28, 2017 7:47pm America/Phoenix
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Under the sun part one
Time has been a couple of weeks since we last saw Tommy Lipton on anything WWX related... Last saw Tommy successfully defend his and Rex McAllisters WWX tag team titles. Tommy Lipton is sitting on his dock at his summer home in Haliburton Ontario, he is sporting a UFC T shirt and black and gray board shorts. He pulls his shades from his face and smiles... 

TL: Welcome back WWX Universe and Wooo! What a match what a match! The Lipton-McAllister Tandem , we came, we saw, we defended and we kicked ass! In what was highly considered an unlikely win for us was debunked and we are still YOUR tag team champions... 

Tommy leans down next to him and lifts his beach towel to reveal his Tag Title. 

TL: Now this week I return to the ring with Rex to once again defend these tag belts proudly.... against Tom Black and Bishop Polaris.... Who have yet to comment at the time of this video. Well much like every other time this won't be any different. Tommy Lipton will see his team to the finish line. Rex will see to it he is Rexcellent and we will walk away from Mayhem STILL your Tag Team Champions. 

Tommy places the belt over his shoulder and grabs the corona that's sitting on the little square table next to him. 

TL: I have over the years partnered with some of the best.. Legendary Rick Dreamie, Darkness, James Ranger, Corporal Sanders who actually hinted an interest recently to teaming up again but unfortunately his schedule caused a conflict.... we were good champions... now I'm with Rex McAllister... a door closed another opened and now I am a Champion. Rex and I having a huge success in the tag division. It's been a great couple of months at the top.... At the top, a place I am super familiar with. This is my third tag team championship run in my career. I was the 53rd Tag Champ with Rick and here I am as the 115th Tag Team Champion. I couldn't have asked for a better tag team partner for this reign. We have faced off against some the toughest teams WWX has to offer and successfully retained. Rex and I are so successful because we share a common interest and belief and we have a mission for one goal and that's to bring attention to this division and based on the ratings from this past pay per view our goal is accomplished. We were the big draw next to the World title match itself and that's huge for a division that was thought to be all but dead only a few months ago. 

TL: So Rex and Tommy to take on the team of Tom and Bishop... We Are Coming... we are not going to stop... We are the dream team and we are here for one thing... To keep being YOUR champions! 

Tommy stands up and walks to the edge of the dock... He looks out at the sea doos playing in the water, the sail boats floating out in the distance and the swimmers by their respective docks... 

TL: It's all about living in the moment and that's what Syndicate is doing... he's living that moment and soaking it all in. He thought a gauntlet match would do Rex and I in... he thought that he outsmarted us... he didn't... he is still believing he's this great champ although he is not and before you can say, well he won that handi-shut that hole on your face! He was all but done but LX came to his rescue, damn, it was some fkn dejuvu from back in the BTA days from last summer. 
Enjoy your moment kid, it's an awesome spot to be in But know that Your moment will end soon... so enjoy the time you have left. 

Tommy jumps into the water and the splash hits the camera lens. Tommy emerges from the lake with a grin. 

TL: So we broke records and we ended assumptions that we are some hacks, or me a washed up has been who won't bring anything of value to this division. Mayhem is around the corner and dammit our success shall continue... welcome to the summer of Lipton and McAllister! 


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