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On Wed, Aug08, 2018 5:42pm America/Phoenix
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Wearing a T and shorts, Blade Rickman finds a seat at the bar in Downtown Toronto. Home to his mentor Tommy Lipton. The aroma of beer stains the air, it is a beaten up little bar called the Underground, once the home for after game drinks for the Toronto Blue Jay's but that was over 10 years ago now. The bar struggles against other more popular spots such as Moxies, Real Sports Bar & Grill, and The Moose. 
The prices however are what has brought Blade Rickman to this joint, 4 dollar beers and 3 dollar well shots meet his accommodations just fine. A girl dressed purposely to look |BLEEP|y, more than likely an attire chosen by management to draw in customers, approaches Blade Rickman. 

Waitress: Hey handsome, what can I get for you? 

Blade: A Molson Canadian and a rum & coke. Thanks doll. 

She walks off to get his order. Blade looks around the bar. He sees older photos of the bars glory days, a most depressing sight. 
Blade shakes his head softly, the girl returns with his drinks. 

Waitress: my manager wants to know, and beg your pardon good looking, but what's with the cameras? 

Blade: Nevermind them, it is for my job. 

Waitress: Oh! What do you do for work?

Blade: I wrestle... 

Waitress: Seriously? Isn't that a dying sport, well unless you are five.

Blade gives her a daggered look. 

Blade: I'm not with THAT company. I'm a part of WWX. 

Waitress: Oh! Yeah! I've heard of that company, you guys have been growing over the last decade. I actually saw Lipton vs DGS at Air Canada Center with my old boyfriend like 6 years ago. It was actually a lot of fun! 

Blade: Sure, yeah, glad you approve. 

Waitress: I mean, wrestling sort of isn't the same... But I haven't really followed WWX. 

Blade: It's but a true force of reckoning. Everyone battles for their pride, some battle for redemption... 

Waitress: And you?

Blade: I fight because I have to put bread on the table... I am a skilled fighter, it's a path that has been pre-chosen. 

Waitress: By Tommy Lipton correct? 

Blade: What?!

Waitress: Tommy Lipton has sent you out on these personal missions... vendettas for himself. 

Blade: Wait a second...

Waitress: Syndicate... He approached me just before you. He told me that you are talented but are following in the poisonous footsteps of your leader. 

Blade: Stop right there.... Syndicate is scum. Tommy Lipton should just finish him off once and for all, no mercy! 

Waitress: Was that not your job?

Blade: He is not Champ is he... Wait a minute...

Blade realizes that something is in the waitresses ear...

Blade. Is that a?

Blade grabs the ear piece. 

Blade: who's there!?

Waitress: I gotta go!

The girl runs off as Blade looks at the bit of tech in his finger tips. 

Blade: Syndicate. If this is you... Tommy Lipton will not forgive your unforgiving assault...
At World Series, sure my plan did fail... But it doesn't matter... who are you? But some guy who thinks he's a legend killer... but really you are a hack! Tommy will come for you but first you must get through me! Syndicate at Coliseum, I am challanging you to a no disqualification match in which... the only way to win is to force the ref to stop the match in favor of you! This will not be a first blood match... more like a first 2 pints of blood match! 
But before we can travel along our glorious path to battle... I have a peasant to deal with.... A man not even equipt to clean the mass hall. Kurtis Ray.

Blade picks up his glass. He stares at the waitresses ass as she walks away. 

Blade: Who the |BLEEP| does this man think he is? He just took down a fat man and now he thinks he's going to take ME down?! Let's get serious! 
Kurtis Ray does not think too highly of me... that's obvious... but to think he's going to go through me so easily... please bitch! You ain't got a chance in hell! 
Kurtis Ray bitchez and moans that he wasn't given opportunity before. He faced Syndicate a few occasions for the WWX Title... on his return he faces the number one contender and beats him!

Blade shakes his head

Blade: How much opportunity does one want?! He want's to mix things up, well his wish has come true... he faces me on Fury. The right hand man to Tommy Lipton, so clearly the odds favor me to begin with ... hehehe. . . So play your cartoons... come Fury, this animation will be a glorified ___ episode! 

The waitress returns seeing that Rick downed his rum & coke quickly. His beer half done.

Waitress: Top up?

Blade: You know, everyone thinks I am out to do Tommy's bidding... But I am my own person... Tommy wanted Rex McAllister and not me, to be champion...
You may think it is all about Tommy Lipton. It's not. 

Waitress: Soooo... ummm.... top up? 

Blade laughs while shaking his head. 

Blade: Sorry doing this video for the fans. 

Waitress: That's cool. Top up?

Blade: I see... 

Blade looks at the empty glass and the half pint. 

Blade: One more rum & coke. With the bill please. 

Waitress: No problem... 

She stands there quiet a moment. 

Waitress: You should do what you think is right. Be your own self. Accomplish your goals and be happy!

The girl turns and walks away. 

Blade: Thanks...


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